Faculty Spotlights

Empowering Others Inspires a Commitment to Teaching

by Nyla on March 25, 2014

Rafael Oropeza never had a lifelong plan to become a teacher. Maybe that is why his style as an educator is so elastic, and stretches to meet the individual needs of his Business Administration and General Ed students at the Temecula campus. “I’m constantly changing my teaching style, depending on the type of students I

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MA students pile it on for favorite instructor

by Nyla on March 4, 2014

Teachers can spend an entire career trying to figure out how to connect with students. For Clinical Medical Assisting and Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting instructor, Candace Hunter, it just comes naturally. “Building trust,” says Mrs. Hunter. “I like to share stories about things I have witnessed during my 23-years as a Medical Assistant. We

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CAMA instructor got a late start in education career

by Nyla on February 25, 2014

Kristina Perkins had never given much thought to a teaching career. She was working as a Medical Assistant for a family practice office when the opportunity to teach an evening medical class came her way. “Teaching was never something I planned for, but I loved it,” says Mrs. Perkins. “It just felt like one of

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Graduation ceremony completes the cycle for staffer

by Nyla on February 18, 2014

Few SJVC employees have the unique perspective Natalia Dominguez enjoys as Student Center/Learning Resource Coordinator, at Modesto campus graduation ceremonies. She sees graduates cross the stage to get their degrees and certificates, and then guides them down the stairs to rejoin fellow graduates. But, she also gets to see how far they have come from

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Young addition shakes up Temecula Campus

by SJVC on February 11, 2014

At the Temecula campus, the Associated Student Body used to be relatively quiet. Not too many students were involved, and the club’s activities were few. Though the relatively short time span from admission to graduation is a great benefit to students, it also undermined extracurricular organizations, like ASB. The club’s membership was constantly fluctuating, because

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Respiratory Therapy students in for big surprise

by Nyla on February 4, 2014

RT instructor, James Maddox, loves to see the expressions on his students’ faces the first time they ‘get it’; that moment when they realize their lives are about to change forever. “New RT students have done a great job investigating the RT field and have a good grasp of our field of work,” says Maddox,

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New Employee shatters record in Career Services Department

by SJVC on January 28, 2014

John Loyko is one of the newest SJVC employees, but has already managed to distinguish himself. “He got the most placements in SJVC history, ever,” says Christen Rodriguez, SJVC Fresno Career Services Manager. That is a feat all in the career services department can respect. Originally from Clovis, John left the valley for his schooling

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Online Career Services Team gets creative to overcome great distances

by SJVC on January 21, 2014

A degree is a great investment for the future, but it is only a single part of a multitude of things necessary to attain stable employment. Even with a stunning resume, an applicant must still impress with their interview. At each on-ground campus, SJVC students are able to meet and work with a Career Services

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Instructor relishes the transformation of education

by Nyla on January 14, 2014

“She (Julia Foss) is truly an amazing instructor who works hard, stays late and  does whatever she can to help make sure we understand the material.”                                                              – Desiree Trejo, RT student “One of my biggest thrills is knowing that my students are enjoying my class, because it is very important for students to have

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