Faculty Spotlights

A tradition of families thrives on the Bakersfield campus

by Nyla on November 17, 2015

It is not at all unusual to see multiple generations of family members walk through SJVC doors and leave months later with a certificate or degree. It is a little more unusual to see multiple family members working at the same campus. But that is exactly what SJVC Bakersfield has been enjoying for the last

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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Instructor Darrell Reed

Diagnostic Medical Sonography instructor goes above and beyond to make sure students succeed

by Nyla on October 6, 2015

Darrell Reed can relate to new students trying to overcome their discomfort of speaking up in class. After a little over two years at the front of his Diagnostic Medical Sonography class, he has learned to relax into his front-and-center position at the podium. “It was rough at first, but I got used to it

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Hesperia General Education-instructor Frank Castanos

Hesperia General Ed instructor pays it forward

by Nyla on September 29, 2015

Frank Castanos admits he was not exactly the best student in high school. “Growing up, I never knew exactly what I wanted to be in life,” says Castanos. “I struggled in school, not because of ability, but because I wasn’t motivated.” At an important time in Frank’s life, Mr. Kurtz came along. “He was patient

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Online Business Administration graduate Sadiah Gavin

SJVC Business Administration grad brings special skills to Delano campus

by Nyla on September 10, 2015

Saidah Gavin has covered many desks at SJVC over nearly eight years. She started part time at the Bakersfield campus as a Tuition Planner, then moved to First Contact, Dean’s Assistant and whatever position needed a temporary fill-in. During this time, she also completed SJVC’s Business Administration program online. “I’ve done everything,” she laughs. “From the

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Medical Office instructor Tawny Williams

Military wife put her needs last until she joined SJVC’s Medical Office program

by Nyla on August 25, 2015

Tawny Williams is her family’s support system. Her military husband, Melvin, and their 14-year-old son, Melvin, depend on her to keep “all systems go” at home. “A military wife is one of the biggest honors in the world, but it is a selfless life,” says Tawny. That busy life was rushing by. “By the time

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SJVC Madera Teresa Martinez

Madera campus supports single mom’s big career dreams

by Nyla on August 18, 2015

Admissions Advisor Teresa Martinez knows something about what it takes for single moms to make it alone. Her mom, Paula, took care of her and her brother without any help. At 18 years old, Teresa found herself alone with her young son, Michael, when she and her son’s father separated. It was up to her

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Licensed Vocational Nursing-instructor Denise Scrimshire

Licensed Vocational Nursing instructor balances tough with tender

by Nyla on July 14, 2015

Some 25 years ago – when Licensed Vocational Nursing instructor Denise Scrimshire was a nursing student – her instructor was a real whip-cracker. “Ms. Gandy had very high expectations and everybody feared her, but she was highly revered, and I wanted to be as good as she was,” says Denise. “It was tough, it was strict

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Career services advisor Margarita Rankin

Respiratory Therapy students and grads have a powerful job search weapon

by Nyla on June 16, 2015

When Career Services Advisor Margarita Rankin talks about how to land the job of your dreams, you would do well to listen carefully. Her job search strategies have helped the SJVC Respiratory Therapy students and graduates she has worked with find that very important first position. Margarita grooms job-seekers like a ring-side coach who shares the

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Aviation Maintenance instructor Joseph Wong

Aviation Maintenance Tech instructor was reluctant student

by Nyla on May 19, 2015

Joseph Wong never planned to devote any time to education after high school. He loved working on cars and thought a future in auto mechanics would suit him just fine. His thinking was pretty clear. “I left school saying this is not for me,” he says. “No more further educating myself.” After Joseph put in

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