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Surgical Tech Graduate’s Essay Published

November 7, 2013
Jessica was pleasantly surprised when she found that an article she had written for the Surgical Technology program had been published in a medical journal.

Jessica De La Cruz was flipping through the October issue of “The Surgical Technologist” when she noticed an article titled Total Abdominal Hysterectomy.

“Oh, I wrote a paper about that,” Jessica thought. Then, she noticed her name in the by-line. “My mouth dropped open.”

Jessica had no idea that the writing assignment in Program Director, Teri Junge’s class would result in this kind of accolade – especially since Jessica struggled terribly with essays.

She and her fellow Surgical Tech students were charged with writing about a first-person surgical experience from their clinical rotations, incorporating great medical detail. The pressure was on even more when Mrs. Junge told the class that some articles might be submitted to industry magazines for publication consideration.

“Writing was always hard for me and I would get stomach aches just thinking about it,” says Jessica. “But, gynecology is my favorite, so it was easier to write about it.”

Her 13-page outline helped organize her thoughts and map out the direction and depth of content. She also developed a helpful writing routine. “Ok, just do two-pages today and one more tomorrow.”

Three weeks later Jessica turned in 18-pages of a well-researched, and personally assisted and observed, surgical procedure.

“It was very thorough and very interesting piece,” says Teri Junge. “Jessica did a very good job of communicating, and Surgical Technology students and experienced Surgical Technologists can learn from the detail of her paper.”

Jessica graduated from the Fresno campus Surgical Tech program in Nov. 2012 and has been working as a Surgical Technologist in different specialties at Clovis Community Hospital since January.

“It’s a lot of fun, and every day I’m doing something new,” says Jessica. “I’ve always wanted to be in an operating room and I really love scrubbing, so I’ll be doing this for a long time.”

It is also nice to be a published author and enjoy the recognition that comes with it, it seems. And, not just from her parents and boyfriend who are “so proud and bragging to everyone,” says Jessica.

Elliott, a current ST student who is in his own clinical rotations stopped Jessica the other day to congratulate her on her national magazine article.

“Elliott told me that Mrs. Junge showed his class my article and told them, ‘This is what you need to strive for,’” she says.

Jessica De La Cruz is a name that ST students might hear for a long time to come.

“I was just happy to get an ‘A’ on the assignment, she says.”

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