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SJVC Program Information Fair benefits many

September 10, 2014

Hesperia Business Administration program information fairTwice each year for the last four years, Business Administration students on the Hesperia campus have put on a Program Information Fair for the community, as part of their Business Leadership course. This year the BA program threw open the gates and invited all of the other business, medical and technical programs to participate.

Just two years ago the Medical Assisting program joined the Fair, followed by the Pharmacy Technology program six months later. “I thought if I could do this with those two programs, I’ll just get the whole campus involved,” says Douglas Patch, BA program instructor. “They all just jumped on board.”

Students from each program – Business Administration, Medical Assisting, Medical Office, Pharmacy Technology, Industrial Technology, Criminal Justice and HVAC-R – set up 24 booths in 7 classrooms for the August 12th evening event. ASB students kept a comfortable flow of over 100 attendees from classroom to classroom.

“Our primary goals were to build campus unity and strengthen relationships with employers and the community so that they are aware of us and what our students can do,” says Mr. Patch. “We want to stimulate admissions by letting people see that there is a career college that develops professional and life skills in the subjects we teach.”

It was also a great way for students to build teamwork, introduce each other to their program components and provide points of education to visitors. “Students got to see what other students are doing in their programs; and I think there is a lot of value in that,” says Patch.

“It gave me an opportunity to meet other school instructors, staff and students in other departments,” says Sergio Alamo, Business student.

Medical, business, home, nutrition and life tips were shared from each program’s knowledge base.

“It was an opportunity for students in all programs to share best practices for the community and for each other,” says Richard Matley, Campus Director. “Interviewing, building credit, health screening, electrical safety in the home, energy saving in the desert heat, prescription drug safety and other helpful and important life tips were shared.”

Both community attendees and students walked away with a little better understanding of various professions and the services they provide.

“I enjoyed working with ‘patients’ at my station, which was responsible for doing the glucose tests,” says Madelyn Lopez, Medical Office student. “I realized that this field is something that I will enjoy doing.”

With the expanded momentum of total campus involvement, a greater number of people will benefit while students hone their skills, knowledge and professional services. Potential employers, also, will have a chance to measure program depth and scout potential new-hires about to graduate.

“The Program Fair was a great way for our students to share their abilities and highlight SJVC’s Institutional Learning Objectives,” says Mr. Patch. “Students demonstrate their ability of being great communicators, show their skills, develop professional topics and decorum, empower each other with confidence, demonstrate great citizenship and highlight their education.”

The event ended with a big outside BBQ where students, instructors and visitors were able to share their experiences.

“Students from all of the programs showed that they can unite as a group of professionals that can work together to achieve a common goal,” says Doug Patch.

The faculty promises an even bigger event in the spring.

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