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Respiratory Therapy program in Rancho Cucamonga #1 in SoCal

April 11, 2013

Rancho CucamongaThe Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) has released this year’s report, ranking for all RT programs in the U.S. The most important outcome is the 3-year average Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential success, as it represents the Standard of Excellence in this profession. Below are the 2012/2013 rankings, respectively:

California state (36 programs): # 6 / # 3
So. California(21 programs): # 3 /# 1
Inland Empire (10 programs): # 1 /# 1

“Our goal is to be #1 in the State,” says Ricardo Guzman, RT Program Director at the Rancho Cucamonga campus. Mr. Guzman goes on to explain that the two programs currently ahead of SJVC in the SoCal area are traditional 3-year programs and graduated 23 and 11-students, respectively, in the last reporting year.

“In the same time period we graduated 81 (RT students), so as far as we are concerned, we’re already #1,” he says. (For all of the results go to:

Recent RT graduate, Dinnell Medina, RRT-NPS, RCP, says, “It’s no wonder why SJVC Rancho Cucamonga Respiratory Therapy Program is ranked #1 in Southern California and #3 in the state. SJVC Rancho Cucamonga provides students with all the tools to build a new future and begin a fulfilling career. I never imagined that going to school for Respiratory Therapy would be such a rewarding experience.

“This program has given me opportunities beyond any of my expectations. Every instructor is a source of knowledge eager to share his/her experience as a respiratory therapist. The classroom instructors are dedicated, experienced, individuals who are committed to their students. The clinical instructors relate the classroom learning materials/theories to how things are implemented in the hospital atmosphere. The instructors drive their students to be the best respiratory therapy students and future practitioners out there. They gave me the foundation to be a confident respiratory practitioner.

“I would suggest to anyone who is considering Respiratory Therapy as a field of practice to attend SJVC Rancho Cucamonga. I am extremely proud to be part of this community and couldn’t thank the Respiratory Therapy Instructors enough for this rewarding experience.”

“I cannot emphasize enough how none of this would be possible without the dedication, talent and hard work of our instructors, both in the classroom and in clinic,” says Guzman.

“Thank you, especially, Tom, Lea, Russ, Hank, Grey, Jo-Russell, Joe, Cris, Tin, Christy, Maryanne, Tony and Gerardo for making our success possible. Thank you, also, to Sherril, Richard, the management team and Senior Management for your constant support for all we do,” he adds.