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New Employee shatters record in Career Services Department

January 28, 2014
Only several months in, John managed to get the best placement rate of any career services advisor at SJVC.

John Loyko is one of the newest SJVC employees, but has already managed to distinguish himself.

“He got the most placements in SJVC history, ever,” says Christen Rodriguez, SJVC Fresno Career Services Manager. That is a feat all in the career services department can respect.

Originally from Clovis, John left the valley for his schooling at Point Loma in Business Finance, before returning to continue his education at Fresno Pacific. Afterward, he worked in the education sector, gaining experience is financial matters, in particular financial aid

After this stint in educational work in Los Angeles, John returned permanently to Fresno, where he was hired by SJVC.

A Career Services hire from early September, John has not had much time to show how well he can execute the duties of his job. Nevertheless, with a mere three months under his belt, he broke the record for graduate job placements in the history of the school.

His job consists of a lot of phone time with potential employers. It is up to him to choose the best student for each job.

“If an employer tells me what they want, I already know who I’m going to suggest,” says John.

Relationships are an important part of John’s success. The better John knows the students, the better he is able to advocate for them when the time comes to find a job.

“You get to know them on a personal level,” he says. “Learn their work ethic, their personality. So when graduation comes along, they know I’m on their side.”

Regardless of his current success, John notes that the beginning was difficult

“I was so new, and I had thirty-one students to look after. It was just overwhelming.”

John is quick to say that he is not singularly responsible for his placement success.

But in no way does he feel singularly responsible for this achievement.

“My success was due to my manager and coworkers,” says John. “Without them, there’s absolutely no way I could have done it.”

When asked if he intended on breaking his own record, John laughed.

“That’d be a nice goal to shoot for.”

But he took little time to reiterate how much his career services team was necessary for his success.

“They were a big part of me hitting that number.”