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Goodbye Rancho Cucamonga….Hello Ontario!

October 10, 2013

Moving SJVC into OntarioAlmost 550 students avoided disruption of their class schedules when fifteen semi-trucks, over a hundred packers, movers, installation technicians, IT and Facility department personnel, a few campus employees and perfect orchestration made an unbelievable 3-day move from Rancho Cucamonga to the newly constructed campus in Ontario recently.

“We finished at 8:00 pm Sunday night and were here to open the doors to our new campus at 6:30 am Monday morning,” says Sherril Hein, Ontario Campus Director. “We conducted tours for all of our students to help them feel at home from the very first day.”

Students are pretty excited about their new environment.

“The campus is clean and streamlined,” says student Ashley Dubuque. “It is compact, but feels roomy at the same time, giving it a feeling of efficiency.”

The campus is at the intersection of Freeways 15 and 10, near the Ontario Airport and Ontario Mills Mall, and will provide greater visibility and easier access for students and visitors. The 3.2 mile move from Rancho Cucamonga will better serve its students and help increase community awareness of the educational options it provides to the surrounding area.

“We are looking forward to a tremendous period of growth ahead,” says Hein. “We believe our programs are the best that can be offered, and this beautiful campus is a great way to showcase them.”

The new 2-story, 50,000 sq.ft. building sits on 5 ½ acres and provides 400 parking stalls to better accommodate the student population, staff, faculty and visitors. SJVC’s campus structure will comply with all green standards and requirements, which will ensure that equipment and materials will enjoy more efficient energy consumption.

“Our new building design is spacious and places a particular emphasis on student gathering places,” says Sherril Hein. “Our indoor student center will provide student study, lounging and eating areas, and our large outside patio is perfect for single or group gatherings,” she says.

“I really like how all the students from all the programs are together in one building,” says student Pedro Vargas. “Feels like we are a family.”

The Ontario business community has welcomed SJVC and has great hopes of a future of shared success.

“Having an educated workforce is an important asset for our businesses, and we are very excited to have SJVC as part of our education community to better serve our existing businesses and the businesses that we want to attract to Ontario,” says Mayor Paul Leon.