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Competitive spirit drives Term 4 Respiratory Therapy students

September 3, 2013
The term 4 students’ ideas were…unorthodox, but far from unappreciated.

Term 4 Respiratory Therapy students on the Rancho Cordova campus are “competitive little buggers,” says Victoria Florentine, RT instructor. That competitive spirit went over the top when they were challenged to come up with a creative way to teach the Pediatric Pulmonary Function Testing (PPFT) to Term 3 RT students.

Term 4 students wanted to do a good job of testing Term 3 students; but they really wanted to do it better and more creatively than the last Term 4 class.

So…things got a little crazy.

Instead of a more traditional approach to quizzing those RT students just behind them, Term 4 students cleared the deck – or parking lot as it turned out – to create a circus-themed test extravaganza. Decorated game-of-chance booths were set up where Term 3 students could win tickets for prizes when they gave the correct answers to PPFT questions. And, the prizes were in high demand.

A ticket might win students cotton candy, or some other treat. However, the longest line of students was by far waiting for the Dunk Tank. Staff and faculty got wet – and stayed wet – most of the afternoon.

Let’s just say that Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Maddox and Mrs. Tweed didn’t have to worry about the summer heat.

In all the fun, some serious education was taking place for those Term 3 students, while Term 4 students, who will soon graduate, were getting to step into the shoes of their instructors.

“The highest goal in education is when the student is the teacher,” offers Victoria Florentine. “It’s when the most learning takes place.”

Students from other classes on the Rancho Cordova campus got to enjoy the fun, as well. They bought tickets to sample the food fare and try their aim at sinking a staffer.

Term 4 RT students selected the Autism Foundation to receive the money raised from the Aug. 1st PPFT event.

“Instructors and I are already starting to dream big about how we can parlay this event into something even bigger,” says Florentine. “Maybe we can expand this great idea into a community event that benefits a cause even more.”

Term 4 Respiratory Therapy students should be very proud of what they have set in motion.