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And…’re out!

September 2, 2013
Faculty versus students. Every student’s dream.

It could have been Aliens vs. Predators on the softball field, as Temecula campus students went at it with staff and faculty. If the first biannual softball game held Aug. 9th at Birdsall Sports Park is any indication, future events are going to be down and dirty.

Medical Assisting instructor, Rhonda Brown got the ball rolling for a staff/faculty vs. students baseball game when she posed the idea to John Hall, Coordinator of Student Activities on campus. After Mr. Hall introduced the idea in a faculty meeting and talked with ASB, everyone thought it would be a good way to have some positive interaction between the two groups.

Sign-up sheets were posted and each team had easily 15 players show up with about 30 supporters in the stands.

It was time to throw down.

It started slow for staff/faculty, and by the third inning students were on top 6-0 with almost all student team batters getting on base. It looked like a lock for them when Respiratory Therapy student, Michael Burkhard hit the only homer of the day.

Then the earth tilted – or the staff and faculty team woke up to the likelihood of an embarrassing loss that they would have to live down for many long classes to come.

AHCM instructor, Mrs. Schiffner stepped up to the plate, sized things up and cracked a double. Inspired by the new momentum, her team caught fire. Now it was a game.

The heat was contagious as both teams dug in to win it. Then it was the final inning and the last play of the game. Staff and faculty gave it all they got to just squeak past students with a 15-14 lead. But now, students were last at bat and had bases loaded with two outs. It could happen.

The batter connected with RT instructor, Shannon Cocilova’s over-the-plate pitch, for a low grounder headed straight to first base. Sheeeee’s out!

The crowd of friends and family in the stands went wild…or sighed in disappointment, depending on whose side they were on. Staff and faculty could return to classes and desks without shame.

Back on campus student buzz was loud and demanding a rematch…immediately. It looks as though they will have to hold themselves in check, as the next match is tentatively planned for six months down the road.

“We’re out there for the fun of it, to try to get people out there for a good time,” says John Hall. “In the future we might use this championship game to benefit some charity event.” Big plans for the next game include team names and t-shirts.

But staff/faculty and student team members won’t have to wait long for a little recognition. Some members of both teams will receive awards for Best Batter, Best Fielder, Most Supportive and Most Valuable Player to be announced at the Sept. 24th Awards Ceremony.


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