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20+ Industrial Maintenance Training Resources

May 4, 2020

Industrial maintenance worker

If you’re preparing for a career in industrial maintenance, the amount of knowledge needed can be intimidating. There are so many websites, training courses, and publications out there all offering different information. Beyond that, some sites are asking for thousands of dollars for uncertified training programs. It can be hard to know what’s worth it and what isn’t.

We’ve compiled a list of more than 20 resources to help you expand your knowledge about industrial maintenance and career options beyond. 

General Resources and Publications

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

If you plan to have a career in industrial maintenance, OSHA will be a big part of your training. The administration controls safety in the workplace, something of vital importance when working with major machinery. This OSHA website provides useful safety information, free safety training resources, and resources to improve safety in industrial facilities.

Hydraulic Supermarket Technical Library 

Working on a hydraulic machine and have questions? This huge resource of troubleshooting tips for hydraulic machinery can help you fix problems, learn about how hydraulics work, and generally increase your knowledge. From “How to troubleshoot hydraulic cylinder” to “Hydraulic winch drive calculations” this resource is a one-stop-shop of information about hydraulics.

For those industrial mechanics who will go on to work in manufacturing, this website is a great resource for industry news, current events, and new technology. Topics range from manufacturing trends in China to what’s next in the world of automated machinery. 

Maintenance World

For the latest trends in maintenance and reliability look no further than Maintenance World. This website is aimed at maintenance managers and publishes best practices for keeping maintenance workers at the top of their game. Ranging from workforce tips to checklists for how to keep processes running smoothly, this site should be checked for regular updates.

Efficient Plant

Another online magazine for industrial maintenance, Efficient Plant offers solutions to workforce issues, safety precautions, and new technology reviews. To stay up to date on the latest machines in major industrial plants, it’s best to check top-performing posts on this site. They also have a regular feature called “On the Floor” which talks with maintenance and technology professionals about their views and pressing problems on the factory floor each month.

Industrial Machinery Digest

For the latest news on new machines, Industrial Machinery Digest has its finger on the pulse of what’s going on. Featuring overviews of top technology, easy-to-understand walkthroughs and information about a wide range of tools and machinery, this is a good publication to check while you familiarize yourself with the types of machines you may work with as an industrial maintenance worker. 

Industrial Supply Magazine

Available in both print and online, this magazine keeps up-to-date on trends in industrial maintenance. The website also offers a number of free industrial maintenance training seminars online about technology, supply practices, and workforce trends. 

The Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) at the University of Tennessee

The RMC is an industry-supported center within the Tickle College of Engineering, that advances reliability and maintenance education and practices within the academic and industrial communities. The RMC provides opportunities for member companies, students, faculty, and industry to achieve exceptional value through a comprehensive program of education, certification, industry projectsresearch, and information sharing.

FastMaint CMMS Software for Maintenance Management

Offers a free 30-day trial that you can download and run on your computer. A good way to get familiar with maintenance management software capabilities & features. Also check out their Maintenance Software Blog for tips & maintenance software advice.

Industrial Maintenance Video Series

While many organizations offer online training in industrial maintenance for a fee, there are some resources for free industrial maintenance training online. These videos offer unique looks into daily work as an industrial maintenance worker, training videos, and other options for free video series related to your education in industrial maintenance. 

Big Clive Vlogs

If you want to see some mechanical skills in action in a small setting, this vlogging series is a good place to start. The channel tests and uses affordable electronic soldering equipment and tools to build, teardown, modify, and occasionally mess up electronic equipment. For those who are interested in industrial mechanics because they love to tinker with electronics and equipment, this resource is not only educational but enjoyable. 

BIN Industrial Training

These straightforward YouTube videos offer online maintenance training for free. Videos range from straightforward lectures about how systems work to webinars on possible career opportunities. If you are considering studying industrial maintenance but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, perusing these videos can give you a good overview of what you may learn. 

TPC Training 

While the goal of these videos is to have you sign up for a paid course, this is still a valuable free resource to help you understand the basic mechanics of industrial maintenance. Videos include overviews of tools you would use on the job, safety and compliance training, and other areas where skills gap training may become useful. 


As you embark on your journey in industrial maintenance, you may want to be aware of organizations you can join to support you in your career. These organizations support manufacturing, maintenance workers, and machinists. These websites provide industry news, trends, and lobbying on behalf of you and your future employers. 

National Association of Manufacturers

The National Association of Manufacturers works for the success of the more than 12.8 million men and women who make things in the United States. The organization works to promote free enterprise, competitiveness, individual liberty and equal opportunity. Their website provides information on trends in manufacturing, skills gaps in the workforce, and other information about operation maintenance. 

Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals

The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals is a nonprofit professional society formed by practitioners to develop and promote excellence in maintenance, reliability and physical asset management while creating leaders in the profession. The organization has more than 7,000 members and 

Precision Machined Products Association

The PMPA is an international trade association representing the interests of the precision machined products industry. These are machines you will likely work with as an industrial maintenance worker. As such, it can be valuable to keep up on industry trends, new technology, and workforce training provided by the association. 

Alliance for American Manufacturing

If you’re passionate about keeping manufacturing in America, this group has your interests at heart. This website provides industry news and a global perspective on manufacturing as a whole. 

Industrial Maintenance Training Courses

These training courses are online and unaccredited but can offer additional training in your journey to learn the skills of an industrial maintenance worker. Some programs are instructor led, while most are online webinars. There are also resources for learning outside of strictly industrial maintenance, including electrical engineering basics, mechanics overviews, and safety training. 

Electrical Construction & Maintenance Training

EC&M is a magazine and online repository for all things electrical. Its online training materials offer safety and other training on electrical maintenance. The magazine offers free training webcasts, events, and eBooks and other written materials. 

Free Electrical Safety Training

This online module by OSHAcademy offers electrical safety training that complies with OSHA standards. The training module includes slides, video, and a quiz to see if you learned the knowledge sufficiently. 

MIT Electrical Engineering Courses 

Do you wish you could expand your knowledge of electric maintenance for free? What if it was from a top-tier university like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology? MIT offers free online seminars on electrical engineering to offer a basic understanding of the mechanics of electricity. This can help you better understand the machines you’re working on as an industrial maintenance worker.

Industrial Maintenance Training Books

Industrial Machinery Repair: Best Maintenance Practices Pocket Guide (Plant Engineering)

While there are plenty of textbooks that can teach you the basics of industrial maintenance out there, they can cost hundreds of dollars. This pocket guide, however, is much more affordable and offers practical solutions to issues you may run into on the job as a plant maintenance worker. 


Local 2158 The Millwright’s Indicator

Designed as a recruiting tool for a local millwright’s union, this podcast offers vital information to anyone considering industrial maintenance as a career. From tips on how to get started, to day-in-the-life reporting, this is a fun way to listen to tips for your possible new career. 

Related Social Media

Social media is a valuable place for sharing ideas with peers in industrial maintenance programs and is a valuable resource to help learn tips, get gear recommendations, and learn industry news.

Industry Maintenance Reddit

This community of industrial maintenance workers lets you connect specifically with other industrial mechanics. Posts frequently feature free training videos, forums to discuss work issues, and students seeking information. 

Millwrights Reddit 

There are many career options available after receiving and accredited certification in industrial maintenance. One popular option is millwrighting. This Reddit forum features common issues in the career, crowdsourced advice, and questions about union membership. This Reddit forum is a good option for anyone who is wondering what career path to take after they have undergone training. 

Machinist Reddit  

The largest and most general of these forums is the machinist subreddit. This forum acts as a way for all sorts of industrial workers to share information, accomplishments and ask for advice. It’s also a place to celebrate the exciting technology seen in industrial manufacturing. If you like to marvel at machinery, this forum has everything you’re looking for. 

Industrial Maintenance Training in California

While reading, blogging, watching videos and joining associations all help, formal training is the standard way to jump-start a career in industrial maintenance and to get live training in an instructor-led, accredited setting. San Joaquin Valley College’s Industrial Maintenance Technology program is designed to provide fundamental, hands-on training on industrial systems and equipment. To learn more about our program, contact us


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