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BRINGIN’ THE NOISE – Dental Assisting Students Attend Annual Dental Convention

July 5, 2022

About 25 members of the SJVC Hesperia Dental Assisting program were “bringin’ the noise” to the California Dental Association’s Spring Convention in Anaheim, the annual gathering of the dental industry, which was held from May 12th to May 14th.


One SJVC instructor, Marlene Lopez, showed how much fun students in the Dental Assisting program can have while experiencing their first ever industry convention, where over 2800 exhibitors gathered to show the latest developments in dentistry. Lopez collected and edited all the photos into an Instagram video with the music of Sage the Gemini’s Tick Tick Boom .


She loved the song because “the rhythm behind the pictures matches my students.”


Most of the students had never attended a convention before; not only were they learning about all the opportunities that the Dental Assisting program offers in terms of future employment, they were experiencing the way an industry gathers to share information and stay abreast of the latest products and developments in their field.


Isaiah Renteria, a Dental Assisting student, commented, “I felt the convention was a perfect example of how important and impactful it can be for so many people, the inventions and ideas they carry make me feel excited to find out what will come in the dental future.”


The SJVC instructors prepared them well, knowing having fun would open their minds to the fact that a career as a Dental Assistant means you are involved in an industry that keeps up with the most innovative technology and techniques to maintain the best dental health.


When asked if all campuses have this much fun, Laura St. George, Dental Assisting Program Director for Hesperia said, “I couldn’t tell you compared to the other campuses, but I know we love to have fun and it’s engaging.”  Instructor Lopez agrees; incorporating real life into work is a good thing.

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