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Always a Work In Progress

August 15, 2013

SJVC Alumni David Castain From owning his own business to attending one of the highest ranked universities in the nation, Rancho Cucamonga alumni David Castain has made several significant leaps and bounds since graduating from the Business Administration program here at SJVC.

David attended and recently graduated from Howard University, where he majored in Speech and Applied Methods and minored in Sociology.

While attending Howard, David began hosting and promoting extravagant events in the Washington D.C. area. Coordinating events for big names like Lil’ Wayne, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neil, Chris Brown, B.O.B-just to name a few- David molded himself into one of the most well-known promoters.

Today David attends graduate school at Georgetown University where he studies Public Relations and Corporate Communications. As he continues to further his education, David also manages his own consulting business, David Castain and Associates.

David’s business focuses on solving issues faced by other businesses through the utilization of various marketing strategies. Big name brands David has assisted include Grey Goose Vodka, and as of recent, Warren Buffet’s Cort Furniture.

David constantly finds himself referring back to the things he learned here at SJVC.

“SJVC gave me the ground work for everything that I do,” he says.

With no initial intention of going to school David came to SJVC simply because it was the post high school avenue that many of his friends were taking. With the grace and support of Rancho Cucamonga’s Campus Director Sherill Hein, David was encouraged to achieve much more than ever imagined.

“School was a second life for me,” David states.

Today David is focused on the expansion of his business, and is confident that he has the potential to become the greatest in his market.

“There’s very little that I don’t know how to do and what I don’t know how to do I will search up on it,” he says.

David expresses that his tenacity, fortitude, and passion for marketing was instilled in him through the countless days spent with his mother at craft fairs.

His undeniably strong will ensures that the future of David Castain and Associates will be very bright.

“Pay attention in class, build relationships with your professors, go to every event and network on campus, don’t just stop after SJVC, continue to go ahead, SJVC to me is a great stepping stone,” David says offering advice to current and future SJVC students.

We at SJVC are proud of all of David’s accomplishments and are looking forward to all of the wonderful achievements that lie ahead of him.

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