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A heart for law enforcement

June 26, 2013

SJVC Criminal Justice Instructor Michael Stewart “There are so many things I could say about Mr. Stewart, but he is honestly one of the greatest instructors and people I have had the pleasure of knowing in my life.” –Cadet Raven James

It can be said that passion for your career is key to leading a happy and successful life. Michael Stewart, a criminal justice instructor at SJVC Hesperia, lives and breathes this motto.

Joining the SJVC Hesperia staff three and half years ago, Michael has become, in the eyes of many of his students, a dream instructor. His teaching extends far beyond the world of law enforcement, providing excellent lessons applicable to daily life.

I can’t lie… I enjoy it quite a bit. I enjoy teaching the young. The staff and I are trying to mold the people for the career that we love,” Stewart says.

In his free time, Michael likes to relax and fish. However, since he is a guy who loves to stay busy, his plate is always full. When he isn’t spending time with kids, he is mentoring youth in his game room at home, or co-coaching the Victor Valley College women’s basketball team with his wife. As a former professional basketball player in Portugal, Spain, Michael has a lot to offer the young ladies on his team.

Watching his children’s success has provided him with a lot of inspiration. Much of Michael’s daily motivation comes from seeing his son, who is missing 3 fingers, defy many social and athletic boundaries.

Michael’s interest in law enforcement came from watching crime shows like COPS, and his draw to education stemmed from the negative choices he could see many of today’s youth making. When discussing younger generations he says,

“I felt a need to get involved… I’ve been involved quite a bit in the mentality of speaking to the youth. Because some elder people come from an old-fashioned place, it’s not always implemented in the most effective way, but the old school can be implemented if you have the right people to guide them.”

He continuously preaches the importance of punctuality and communication to his students. In doing this, Michael hopes to help his students establish a good work ethic. He also likes to keep his students on their toes because, once his students go into the law enforcement field, they will need to be ready to face unanticipated circumstances.

Michael has a mantra he preaches to his students to use both in school and in their future careers: “Fair, firm, and consistent.”

“If you can go by that in law enforcement, you will have an excellent career,” Michael says.

Michael has invested much of his time and effort in his students and players to help them work toward a bright future. It is easily said that his stern, caring, and hardworking character has enabled him to impact the lives of many so far, and will only empower him to continue to do so in the future.

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