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Business Administration students

Business Administration program leads to a variety of job possibilities

by Jessie Manzer on August 31, 2015

Did you know there are a variety of career options open to you once you earn a Certificate or Associate’s Degree in Business Administration? SJVC’s Business Administration program graduates work in Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and more. They’ve also worked for many different companies and in a variety of industries – H&R Block, Toyota,

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Medical Assisting graduate Tameira Thomas

Medical Assisting program helps graduate find her inner strength

by Nyla Hallum on August 27, 2015

When Tameira Thomas enrolled in Visalia’s Medical Assisting program last year, she had no idea that she would walk away with a whole lot more than new skills, education and an Associate’s degree. She would leave campus a changed woman, with resources that went way beyond material aspects. Tameira had been working for almost 10 years

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Medical Office instructor Tawny Williams

Military wife put her needs last until she joined SJVC’s Medical Office program

by Nyla Hallum on August 25, 2015

Tawny Williams is her family’s support system. Her military husband, Melvin, and their 14-year-old son, Melvin, depend on her to keep “all systems go” at home. “A military wife is one of the biggest honors in the world, but it is a selfless life,” says Tawny. That busy life was rushing by. “By the time

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Criminal Justice graduate Jessica Segura

Criminal Justice grad dedicated to community service

by Nyla Hallum on August 20, 2015

You might not think that being a communicator and organizer has much to do with the world of criminal justice and corrections, but Jessica Segura would strongly disagree. The recent Ontario campus Criminal Justice: Corrections program graduate plans to bring a little dignity and order to communities she serves through the bonds that come from

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SJVC Madera Teresa Martinez

Madera campus supports single mom’s big career dreams

by Nyla Hallum on August 18, 2015

Admissions Advisor Teresa Martinez knows something about what it takes for single moms to make it alone. Her mom, Paula, took care of her and her brother without any help. At 18 years old, Teresa found herself alone with her young son, Michael, when she and her son’s father separated. It was up to her

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Medical Assisting graduate Angela Velasquez

Medical Assisting graduate finds a home at SJVC’s Temecula campus

by Nyla Hallum on August 13, 2015

The classrooms, the hallways, the people are all very familiar to Angela Velasquez as she comes to work each day at the Temecula campus. They should be. It was not that long ago that she sat in one of those very chairs absorbing all she could about the Medical Assisting program that would offer her

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AMT Bowl

National AMT recognizes SJVC student and faculty member

by Nyla Hallum on August 10, 2015

Hawaii provided a beautiful backdrop for this year’s American Medical Technologists four-day July conference that attracted representatives from schools across the nation. It was the perfect venue for SJVC to take center stage and three deep bows for national recognition in front of hundreds of attendees. Student of the Year Award Visalia Medical Assisting student

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