SJVC is not just going to a classroom and reading out of a book. Here, you learn from professional faculty members through hands-on experience and there is a vast amount of materials available!

Helen Delgadillo, Construction Management, SJVC Rancho Cucamonga

Since SJVC is a small school, I got to know a lot of people and have made good friends. We push each other to do better in our classes.

Ricardo Topete, Construction Management, SJVC Rancho Cucamonga

SJVC is different because of how personal it is. Everyone here truly cares about the student getting an education. You can get help any time you need it and we have all the resources needed to get a great education.

Kierra Owens, Criminal Justice: Corrections, SJVC Rancho Cucamonga


The faculty is there for you — and push you to be the best you can be. They make sure you have the tools to take on the world once you graduate.

Hillary Silberman, Dental Hygiene, SJVC Rancho Cucamonga


At SJVC, you really become a family and everything you do, you feel good about and don’t worry about the little details of what may go wrong. You’re just a better student all around.

Blanca Delgado, Business Administration, SJVC Rancho Cucamonga


I chose to attend SJVC Online because it allowed for me to continue working to support my family, and I could learn at home. My experience was a little scary and challenging to begin with, but with the help of my advisor and the instructors, I maintained a 3.5 grade point average.

Cynthia Sheffel, Medical Assisting, SJVC Online


SJVC Online has the best program for the office skills I was lacking. Though the work was sometimes difficult and time consuming, it was worth the effort, because I am now employed by a construction management firm with over two years of work out in front of us. The skills that I learned at SJVC make me a desirable employee for any construction company in the country.

Donald Spates, Construction Management, SJVC Online

I opted for SJVC Online because I’m a stay-at-home mom. SJVC Online offered me the benefit of being able to learn in the privacy of my home. Even though I wasn’t interacting in a regular classroom, my instructors motivated me and were available whenever I needed them. SJVC Online has changed my life for the best, giving me the desire to continue learning and growing in the medical field.

Marta Salas, Medical Assisting, SJVC Online

The staff and instructors at SJVC were knowledgeable and supporting when it came to helping balance my school and personal life. It was difficult at times, but they kept me going and encouraged me. I would highly recommend SJVC to all looking to continue their education online.

Robert Turner, Construction Management, SJVC Online

I chose to attend SJVC Online because I felt that doing online courses would be more convenient for me. The instructors helped me through all my assignments and gave me different study techniques to help me pass quizzes and exams. Now I feel that I can be anything, and thanks to SJVC I have graduated.

Rachel Westbrook, Medical Assisting, SJVC Online