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San Joaquin Valley College Blog

Welcome to SJVC Shout Outs!

December 12, 2014

Welcome to the first edition of SJVC Shout Outs! This one honors just a handful of SJVC’s stand-out instructors.

Each of our campuses is full of students, faculty and staff who are doing amazing things – both big and small – to make our SJVC community better and brighter. We launched this section of the SJVC Blog to recognize those very people.

The coolest thing is how many of YOU are sending us your nominations for SJVC Shout Outs! We were blown away by your participation, but we weren’t surprised at how many awesome people there are out there who belong to the SJVC community. Thanks to everyone who has joined in, and remember – keep your nominations coming!

Want to nominate your favorite instructor, or a classmate who has been a big support to you? Contact us to learn how.

Here is our first round-up of SJVC Shout Outs:

Candace Hunter medical assisting instructorCandace Hunter, Medical Assisting Instructor, Fresno Campus

“Mrs. Hunter has been a positive role model since the first day I was in her class. For the rest of the five weeks, my friends and I have talked to her about our personal problems and struggles and she has been nothing but wonderful and helpful and encouraging. I am still comfortable to talk to her and share laughs even though I am not in her class anymore.” -Charlene, one of Mrs. Hunter’s former students



Fernando Gutierrez Medical Office instructorFernando Gutierrez, Medical Office Instructor, Bakersfield Campus

“He takes pride in his class and his instructing.” -Robin, Mr. Gutierrez’s student
“He takes pride in his work. He answers all questions and his teaching skills are effective. He motivates students academically.” -Angelica, Mr. Gutierrez’s student



Jamila Clark Medical Assisting instructorJamila Clark, Medical Assisting Instructor, Antelope Valley (Lancaster) Campus

“Ms. Clark, she is different from many instructors. Right when you walk into her classroom, she would say ‘good morning’ and just give you the biggest smile ever. She never stops smiling, which is my favorite thing about her. Even within the hallways of the school, you would find her smiling. No matter where you find her, she would always smile. Whenever I would have a bad day, I would see her smile and that would make me smile. Ms. Clark does not put her attention on just one student but all of her students; even students she hasn’t taught or met. If something is not understood, she would explain in terms the students would understand. If she cannot find an answer, she would either let the students know that she would do research and come back with the answer the next day (she always follows through with that) or she would look for the answer with her own class and as a group they would come up with an answer. Ms. Clark constantly shows exceptional skills in being professional, being a leader, and in group activities as well. She would help students if they have personal problems they are dealing with and would try her best to make the student feel better. She puts her students first by putting herself in our shoes. Although she has only been working here for a couple months, she has already made a huge impact not only in my life but other students as well. Sometimes she gives us that extra motivation, inspiration, that extra push we need to keep going and not give up on our dreams. When one person tells us we cannot do something, there is Ms. Clark telling us we can. She is one of the best teachers on the campus. All of this is shown in her daily actions at school. I am so happy this school decided to hire her.” -Dalia, a student of Ms. Clark’s


Jillian Ramirez Pharmacy Technology InstructorJillian Ramirez, Pharmacy Technology Instructor, Victor Valley (Hesperia) Campus

“Mrs. Ramirez is an excellent instructor with a large measure of dedication and caring for her students and their success. She takes extra time out of her week to prepare her pupils for the PTCE (Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam) so that she can shape them into better candidates for the career they want. With many years of real-world pharmacy experience under her belt, she knows what her students need to succeed in the field and how to deliver it in an effective manner. In my opinion (and I know I speak for many), Mrs. Ramirez is the reason that the Hesperia campus’ Pharmacy Technology is so successful. -Breanna, one of Mrs. Ramirez’s students