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Visalia Food Fest: Healthy Edition

August 29, 2012

The Visalia campus took initiative in healthy eating this summer with a “Healthy Food Cooking Fest,” held this past August on campus.

The purpose was to demonstrate to the AMTSS members and guests how to cook healthy food by including a variety of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, the event raised funds and collected non-perishable food items for the SJVC Food Pantry.

AMTSS members arrived early in the morning to set-up and help with the preparation of a variety of appetizers and main dishes. They also helped with the clean-up after the event.

“The students performed an amazing job,” said lead AMTSS advisor and CAMA instructor Sujanalatha De Almeida.  “I commend them for their efforts and dedication to this project.”

The Student Lounge looked colorful and attractive with baskets of vegetables and fruits. There was a rich, attractive spread of finger sandwiches, fruit salsa, and hummus with crackers, grapes, cantaloupe, and decadent zucchini soup.

CAMA Instructor Mary Wainio demonstrated how to prepare Orzo Salad and Asian Chicken Salad, while De Almedia demonstrated a simple shrimp dish, garnished with spices from India. The shrimp was served on a bed of penne pasta and accompanied by sautéed Summer Squash Medley. The students were also introduced to Quinoa (an ancient grain grown by the Incas about 2000 years ago). This was served with chicken curry.

Dessert was more fruit – sliced cantaloupe and grapes.

“This was a fun event,” said De Almeida, “and the students and guests enjoyed the food, just as much as Ms. Wainio and I enjoyed cooking the food. I would like to thank Mary Wainio for being such a talented cook. Thanks to Chris Foster for the tasty cucumber and cream-cheese sandwiches, and the watermelon and mango fruit salad.”

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, wrote: “Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine. Let Thy Medicine by Thy Food.”


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