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Visalia Campus Benefits From April T-shirt Sales

April 12, 2013

SJVC Facebook TshirtsSJVC’s new motivational t-shirts have proven popular among students and sales are going great. The t-shirts, with messages of commitment, inspiration, humor and insight are showing up on dress-down days, and $1.00 per shirt proceeds are helping a different campus with a project or cause each month.

Contributions from sales this month will help the Visalia campus get to their $6,000 goal they want to contribute to the Central Valley March of Dimes. Dental Assisting instructor and campus March of Dimes Committee Chair, Lori Jeffcoach, is excited to have another fundraising effort underway. “We do bake sales, dress-down days, walk-a-thons and other food sales all year long to try to meet our goal,” says Jeffcoach.

The Visalia campus has been a long-term supporter of the Central Valley March of Dimes. “I think they do a great job saving lives out there and preventing premature births,” says Lori.

Visalia students have been great about supporting efforts to help the March of Dimes. “Our food sales are really successful,” says Lori. “Our campus is a little isolated, so we don’t have a lot of lunch or food sources close by,” she says. “And, it’s very touching to see the amount of good we have in our students, who often tell us to keep the change or make a $5.00 donation when they buy our food,” says Lori.

This year’s fundraising is off to a good start with $3,400 already collected since January. “We would love to surpass our goal of $6,000 this year,” says Lori. “We’re off to a good start.”

The next big event to raise funds for the Central Valley March of Dimes is a Visalia campus walk-a-thon scheduled for April 27th. “We already have 58-students signed up to walk, and 3-students have already given us over $300 in pledges,” says Jeffcoach.

Everyone can help the Visalia campus to reach their fundraising goal by buying a t-shirt before the end of April. Browse the selections at the SJVC Store.  T-shirts can be purchased for $6.00, using Paypal or a credit card on SJVC’s Facebook page:  There is no charge for shipping if you pick up your purchase at your campus Student Center; otherwise it is $4.00 to send it elsewhere. SJVC is selling the T-shirts to you at cost – plus a dollar donation to a fellow campus.

Last month the Online campus received $158 from t-shirt sales, which they contributed to their campus Student Support Fund. Next month (May), Hesperia will be the campus to benefit from t-shirt sales.