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The Horse Whisperer

September 10, 2013
Josalynn had originally worked as a veterinary assistant, which inspired her to gain the medical knowledge to work with humans, not just horses.

Since the day she stepped foot onto Lancaster’s campus Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting (CAMA) student Josalynn Delorenzo began setting goals for herself. With a map of her future and her family encouraging her to graduate she works toward accomplishing the long list of goals she has set for herself.

Josalynn has had a passion for horses from the very young age of two. Her love for horses continued to manifest throughout her life and 4 years ago she began barrel racing.

Josalynn previously worked for a Veterinarian where she learned a lot about how animals functioned. Through her time there she came to the conclusion that she could easily relate what she knew about animals to humans because of the many similarities, triggering her interest in the medical field.

“When I first saw the campus I knew I was home,” she says.

Not long after she started attending classes Josalynn joined the Lancaster ASB. She has lent her creativity to ASB by suggesting new ways to connect with other students and members of the community. Some of her ideas include a car wash and 5K race.

Josalynn’s list of achievements is not a short one. Along with her involvement in ASB she has received perfect attendance four times, landed a spot on the Dean’s List a total of five times, and been a Federal Work Study Student.

“It was a good experience,” Josalynn says of her work study. “I feel truly blessed and appreciative to have that experience.”

With so much on her plate Josalynn realized that she could not give her horse the necessary amount of attention while staying on top of all of her school work. This realization lead Joaslynn to leave her horse in the care of her horse trainer, Angela.

“I love her [Angela] to no end; she’s like a mother to me. If I hadn’t have known her I don’t know where I would be,” Josalynn says.

Angela’s generosity has allowed Josalynn to focus on her education in order to check off the list of many goals she has set for herself. After completing the CAMA program at SJVC Josalynn plans to study phlebotomy and following that she hopes to become an x-ray technician.

Josalynn’s enthusiasm for SJVC and improvement is nothing short of contagious.

Along with the constant support from her mother, encouragement from her father who lives out of state, and inspiration from her grandfather who supported the medical sciences Josalynn’s motivation to excel in everything she does stems from 5 words that she carries with her wherever she goes: Faith, hope, believe, dream, and love. She explains,

“The only way to get anywhere is to BELIEVE you can do it; you’re never too old to have a new DREAM; it’s important to LOVE what you’re doing; you have to have HOPE to get there; and always have FAITH through it all!”


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