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The greatest gift

September 1, 2013
Students generously donated 71 pints of blood.

More than 40-students from all programs offered on the Temecula campus lined up to make their greatest gift – their life-blood – to people they would never meet.

Aug. 13th was the third time campus HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) students partnered with Lifestream, who organizes community blood drives, to help those in need in Riverside County.

This Biannual Blood Drive, held on campus, is made possible through the efforts of HOSA members and student, staff and faculty volunteers.

“We collected 71 pints of blood this year,” says John Hall, Coordinator of Student Activities.

“Although it was 8 pints short of the campus’s previous record, we were able to register 50 new donors for our area,” says Hall.
The new names will be added to Lifestream’s data base of blood donors and will all be invited to participate again, during the next blood drive.

Temecula campus volunteers are always eager to support activities that have such a personal and profound impact on their community.