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San Joaquin Valley College Blog

We are Thankful for YOU, SJVC Students!

November 26, 2014

To all of our SJVC students, we say a big ‘ole THANKS! We are thankful for you year-round, but there is no better day to let you know than Thanksgiving.

What are we thankful for?

  • Your commitment to school and to bettering yourself
  • Your hard work and never-give-up attitude
  • The people you have helped and will help in your new career
  • How you make the SJVC community feel like a family

The list could go on and on. One thing that really tugs at our heartstrings:

The kind words and feedback we get from you about SJVC, and its teachers and staff!

So thank you to our amazing students! We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.