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Sputum Bowl team preps for National competition

October 7, 2013
A taste of victory has inspired the Pink Puffers to extend their luck by another year.

On the heels of winning the State Sputum Bowl competition last May, Temecula’s Respiratory Therapy team, the Pink Puffers, is in full prep for the National Sputum Bowl competition to be held in Anaheim Nov. 16-19.

“We were fortunate to have leaders of the CA Society of Respiratory Care Society Sputum Bowl events, Michael Terry and Alan Alipoon, here from Loma Linda University Medical Center to work with our team,” says William Hall, RT Program Director. “They brought their pool of questions and taught our team some valuable strategy for the national competition,” he says.

The rules for National and State competitions are very different and these two esteemed visitors volunteered their time to help Temecula’s RT team understand the new parameters.

“Michael Terry and Alan Alipoon managed the events held in San Diego this year where our team secured their victory,” says Hall.

Chery Stansbury, Alyssa Reber and Anthony Cocilova comprise Temecula’s Pink Puffers under the direction of Coach Shannon Cocilova, who will provide intense drills between now and the competition. Ian Peterson will now be included in the team, since the team is allowed four contestants.

The National Sputum Bowl will host up to 44-teams representing their home states. The competition will be stiff and the knowledge and skill level very high.

“We are looking forward to a very exciting competition in Anaheim,” says Hall. “Most of all we are encouraging our team to enjoy themselves in this once in a life-time experience for them as students.  They have already won a prized title as California State Sputum Bowl Champions, and we are excited that they have brought themselves, SJVC Temecula and all of SJVC to a National arena.”

Watch for this year’s Sputum Bowl results.