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Rancho Cucamonga SIFE Finalists at Nationals

June 22, 2012

May 25 started with 1600 teams, 3,600 people and four SJVC students at the SIFE Nationals in Kansas City.  Three days later, those four SJVC students left not only as finalists for their “Let’s Can Hunger” project, but had been four of only 60 guests attending SIFE’s invitation only Silver Spoon Reception, honoring the top producing teams. “The judges and all attendees were amazed at the level of achievement from the teams,” said SIFE advisor Maryann Sebelist. The Rancho Cucamonga SIFE team put together such a strong marketing campaign on their campus to raise awareness about hunger that they were privileged to be a part of SIFE’s Nationals.“We pledged to collect and distribute a minimum of 5,000lbs of canned or dry boxed food and we more than doubled that goal,” said Sebelist.  In addition, the team created two YouTube videos that supported their mission (see links below).

Their efforts landed the SJVC team an invite to Nationals in Kansas City, where the students were able to observe competitors, network and receive various awards.  All SIFE clubs compete on one level regardless of their college, with the national competition including students from schools like SJVC as well as schools with masters and doctorate programs.

“The last day was exciting as we watched the three final teams compete in the main theatre with panoramic screens,” said Sebelist.  “We watched as they responded to the judges’ questions…all were amazed at the level of achievement from the teams.  Absolutely amazing!”

The SJVC team was also invited to the Silver Spoon Reception, an awards ceremony for the top producing teams.  Only 60 guests were invited to the reception; SJVC was awarded a certificate, Silver Spoon and monetary award, after which they were able to meet the CEO of Campbell’s Soup.

Other networking opportunities included meeting SIFE members from across the nation, interviewing sponsors and meeting business executives, including the President of SIFE, Donna Patterson.

“Her (Patterson’s) broad experience and dynamic delivery was most impressive,” said Sebelist.

The mission statement of SIFE is “To bring together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business.”

“This goal was never more evident than when we were watching these winning teams present their accomplishments,” added Sebelist.

“All the judges were executives from the many corporate sponsors present.  Needless to say, we could not have achieved this without our Director, Ms. Sherril Hein, all participating SJVC campuses, The Lions Club and Sam’s Club all working together to can hunger.”

Congrats to our SJVC Rancho Cucamonga SIFE team on a job well done!