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NTHS membership bolsters SJVC Fresno graduates’ career objectives

February 21, 2019

SJVC’s Fresno campus conducted their first National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) ceremony recently that celebrated 88 past and current members. “We wanted to recognize this national organization and our students’ achievements,” says Nancy Hale, Library Learning Resource Coordinator, who is the NTHS organizer and Fresno Chapter Advisor.

NTHS is associated with more than 3,900 secondary and post-secondary schools in all 50 U.S. states, including Guam, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and American Samoa. The organization has awarded more than $2 million dollars in scholarships since 2012.

New students are told about this honor society and the many advantages of becoming a member during orientation. “I like to tell them on day one,” says Nancy. “During their program education and training they can work toward meeting criteria for membership.” Membership benefits are very appealing.

The potential for scholarship awards for continued education is a big attraction for students to join the society. Membership is also a strong point to add to a resume when the time comes to begin a serious job search. “Those who include NTHS membership on their resumes are recognized as high achievers,” says Nancy.

Membership requirements on the Fresno campus are:

  • Maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA
  • Achieve a minimum of 90% attendance
  • Perform at least 15 hours of documented community service or volunteerism

Once a month, Nancy checks a report to see if students are meeting the attendance and academic membership criteria. Students who do meet the criteria are then contacted and invited to consider NTHS membership.

“I introduce them to the organization and explain how membership could benefit them,” says Nancy. “If they are interested, I meet with them and give them the paperwork to join.” Those who meet the standards and are accepted into the honor society take an oath to observe the seven attributes of membership:

  1. SKILL is the use of knowledge to develop great ability and expertise necessary to make a positive difference in a particular occupational field.
  2. HONESTY is the quality of being truthful, trustworthy, and fair with everyone while at work or play.
  3. SERVICE is giving assistance and being ready and able to provide a helpful and useful act.
  4. RESPONSIBILITY involved the ability to act without guidance or superior authority and being answerable for our actions.
  5. SCHOLARSHIP is the distinctive mark of one who has mastered an area of learning, as reflected in the quality of his/her work, especially with respect to scope, thoroughness and care.
  6. CITIZENSHIP is being entitled with full civil rights and exercising the duties, rights and privileges of this status.
  7. LEADERSHIP is the responsibility of serving as a guiding force and directing the way by going first with courage and confidence.

“I’m so grateful to have taken the opportunity to be a member of the NTHS,” says Amberlyn Ann Abenojar, President of the Fresno campus chapter and a recent graduate. “Taking the oath locked in the reality that my hard work finally paid off and I truly deserve this recognition.”

Many students see clear advantages to membership and opt to join. The Fresno campus has gained 46 new members since August 2017, which happens to coincide with Nancy Hale assuming leadership of the organization on campus. “There was a need, and it is a good fit for me,” she says.

Amberlyn was one of those students who recognized right away that society membership would boost her leadership skills and be an impressive accolade on her resume. “I’m very fortunate that I was able to find a job in my career as soon as I graduated,” she says. “This opened up great opportunities as a fresh graduate to continue to enhance my knowledge and skills.”

Fresno campus NTHS members take their membership and the opportunities it brings seriously, especially the spirit of volunteerism.

The community service component can be met in many ways. “Some members have done fundraising for Valley Children’s Hospital’s Cancer Fund, food drives on campus for the pantry, feed the homeless, Thanksgiving food baskets, Kid’s Day newspaper sales, or helped the disabled or elderly clean up their property,” says Nancy. “Some have even helped with elementary school theater productions or buffed floors at the community center. It’s amazing what they can come up with.”

NTHS membership is a very positive step in strengthening the goals and ideals of academic accomplishment, team-building, leadership, community service and more.

“Students are very proud of being able to earn this honor,” says Nancy. “It’s very satisfying to see them meet the standards.”

NTHS Ceremony all students

Fresno campus students who were honored during their recent ceremony include:

  • Amberlyn Ann Abenojar
  • Jozlyn Alexia Alcaraz-Terrones
  • Caitlyn McKenzie (Magno) Buell
  • Natasha A. Canto
  • Maribel Diaz Lopez
  • Sonia Escamilla
  • Jana Ann Feliciano
  • Mariana Hernandez
  • Kimberly Ann Hutchinson
  • Daniel Steven Jeffries
  • Brent T Kasner
  • Nicole Marie Kolcun
  • Ashley Marie Limas
  • Jennie Rebecca Lopez
  • Summer Skye Magdaleno
  • Perla Michell Pina
  • Luis F Renteria
  • Elizabeth Scharnick
  • Nancy Vega
  • Maritza Villegas