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Medical Assisting students attend State Society meeting

November 3, 2014
Medical assisting students at State Society Meeting
(L-R) Medical Assisting students Charlene Dominguez and Yaira Castillo attend their first state AMT meeting in Sacramento.

Medical Assisting students Charlene Dominguez and Yaira Castillo were not sure what to expect at their first CA State Society of American Medical Technologist meeting in Sacramento on Oct. 11th, but came back full of confidence in their new career field.

“I learned a lot from the different doctors that spoke with us about their business and gave us tips on how to handle ourselves and be more prepared for the medical field,” says Charlene Dominguez, who is well into her Medical Assisting certificate program on the Fresno campus.

Both Charlene and Yaira belong to the AMT Student Society on campus and felt that attending the Fall Educational & Business Meeting was a way to not only learn more about their industry, but take advantage of some important networking opportunities for future employment. They drove to the all-day meeting in Sacramento and paid their own expenses for the chance to meet all the right people and make a positive impression.

“Our students behaved very professionally and seeing that was just awesome,” says Nicole Weiss, an SJVC MA instructor who also attended the fall conference. “Presenters and business owners gave them great opportunities to meet professionals in their field.”

The AMT is a 60,000 member, national organization that also provides certification to those who pass the National examination. All certified Medical Assistants are invited to join the state societies and are eligible to run for elected office on the state AMT Board of Directors.

Four San Joaquin Valley College employees currently hold positions on the 8-member California Board: Sheryl Rounsivill-Fresno is President, Nicole Weiss-Fresno is Vice President/CaSSAMT Newsletter Editor, Alaine Johnson-Modesto is Secretary and Sujana DeAlmeida-Visalia is Member at Large.

“AMT members across the country know about SJVC,” says Nicole.

Nicole stresses the advantages of belonging to the state and national society. “When you are certified as an American Medical Technologist, you are certified nationally and in some other countries,” she says. “You have great opportunities to relocate and the society will even help you look for jobs.”

“I enjoyed seeing my teachers and meeting new and friendly people who were also part of the AMT foundation,” says Charlene. “This sort of experience makes me want to be involved with the health care environment even more and attend a lot more seminars.”


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