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From Toy to Real Planes

February 3, 2012

SJVC Aviation Student Scott MargettaScott Margetta has always had a passion for flying things. Luckily his passion is now in the making to become his profession. From flying model airplanes when he was a child to being in the air traffic control in the military as a young adult, he has always been involved in flying and the mechanics of planes. Now he is working his way through the aviation program at San Joaquin Valley College, in order to continue making a living off of his love for being surrounded by planes and helicopters.

Throughout the years, he has come to the conclusion an aviation maintenance school was the direction in which he wanted to go. With a simple Google search, he discovered that SJVC was a perfect fit and extremely convenient with its nearby location.

Margetta is at the half-way mark in receiving his degree and could not be more excited with the way his schooling is going. He is a kinesthetic learner so the hands-on experiences are perfect for him and anyone who wants to go into mechanics.

The aviation program is fast paced which means from day one the students are working at a quick speed, constantly improving their knowledge and quickly nearing their graduation day. The quick pace is what Margetta loves about the program and the main reason he picked SJVC.

Because he started working on airplanes rather than flying them, he has realized quite a few things. First, while gaining more knowledge, he learned that flying planes is such an expensive hobby. Therefore working on them is the next best thing. He has also learned why planes last so long and that is due to his future job. The precise technical mechanics make his job so important. His job is what keeps the airplanes in the air and the people on-board safe.

The knowledge he is receiving from the program is helping him grow as a mechanic, however the fascination for model airplanes as a child has also helped him greatly in the program. During classes Margetta was able to bring in model airplanes and describe what the instructor was saying to his classmates by showing them on the toy planes.It gave an accurate visual for the class to see because toy and real airplanes have the same flight dynamics and characteristics.

He never wants to stop learning. After SJVC, he hopes to continue to learn more about planes as well as helicopters. Whether it is toy or real planes, flying or mechanics, Margetta will always have a love for anything that can fly.

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