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Fresno Pharmacy Tech students take the stage with staff and faculty

May 1, 2015

Fresno Upstage Club full“Perform it, and they will come,” says Nancy Hale, Fresno campus Learning Resource Coordinator and Visual and Performing Arts Society advisor. And on April 16th, the Upstage Club performed “A Memo from Jupiter,” and almost 130 students, staff and faculty came and enjoyed the play.

The half-hour long, single-act play was performed three times – morning, afternoon and evening – to allow students from all programs to attend. Tickets were priced at a modest $2 (or two for $3), and raised $200 for the Fresno County Boys and Girls Club.

“It is a campus event we put on two or three times a year that serves two purposes: It raises money and it is a fun event for our students,” says Nancy. “We try to fill the room and make it a fun thing.”

The play, written by Dennis Snee, takes place in the contemporary New York apartment of Jupiter, King of the gods. Venus, Minerva and Mars have been summoned to discuss Cupid’s wish to resign and pursue a career in show business. Hilarity and havoc ensue.

Stellar performances were given by students, staff and faculty, including:

  • William Cummings, Dean of Student Services
  • Satwinder Sohal, Pharmacy Technology Instructor
  • Nicole Weiss, MOMA Instructor
  • Aaron Gaulden, Student Center Coordinator
  • Jerry Franksen, Gen Ed Instructor
  • Julietta Lopez, Pharmacy Tech Student
  • Mikey Prathinthong, Pharmacy Tech Student

Although the actors had been rehearsing for several months, the day before the play opened was the first time all of the actors were available to rehearse together. “Schedules wouldn’t allow for everybody to get together for a full rehearsal until the day before,” says Nancy. “But everyone is good on-the-fly; if someone forgets a line, they just pick right up and keep on going.”

Each audience seemed to enjoy the play and the performers, and they were generous in their enthusiasm.

“I love doing the shows at SJVC,” says second-time performer Julietta Lopez. “Although it’s always so difficult to get everyone to rehearsals, and it seems like it might be a mess, we all end up looking like pros at show time.”

Anyone interested in joining the Fresno campus Upstage Drama Club, contact Nancy Hale in the library.