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Fresno campus students benefit from T-shirt sales

November 1, 2013

One of several SJVC shirt designs available for saleThe Fresno campus Student Emergency Fund will have a nice financial bump after revenue from November T-shirt sales rolls in.

The Student Emergency Fund’s student pantry is a safety net of supplies and modest financial assistance for students who find themselves in an unexpected pinch.

“We provide students with a loaner uniform or professional dress attire for a job interview, and sometimes emergency groceries, toiletry items or a gas card,” says Will Cummings, Dean of Student Services.

The pantry is run by the Student Resource Office and managed by staff and faculty. Often those working closest with students become aware of a student’s special need or situation that has them struggling, and the Student Emergency Fund can step in to help them get through it. Occasionally a student will come in with a request that the Student Resource Center can help resolve.

Campus fundraisers are at times directed toward replenishing the Center. “It is students helping students,” says Cummings, and it promotes a feeling of community on campus.

To spur Fresno campus sales, Campus Director Sumer Avila is offering each student who buys a motivational T-shirt a dress-down day the Monday after they receive their tees.

“I am super excited for the November t-shirt sale,” says Avila. “Starting on Friday, November 1st, the Fresno Campus is coming together to support each other. Don’t miss the Monday Jeans Day fun!”

Each month $1.00 from every sale of a ‘motivational’ tee benefits a different campus. And, sales are going great for these popular tees with messages of commitment, inspiration, humor and insight. They are particularly popular to wear for dress-down days and SJVC casual events.

Everyone can help the Fresno campus raise money for their Student Emergency Fund. Browse the selections at 515661228485859. T-shirts can be purchased for $6.00, using PayPal or a credit card on SJVC’s Facebook page: There is no charge for shipping if you pick up your purchase at your career services office; otherwise it is $4.00 to send it elsewhere. SJVC is selling the T-shirts to you at cost – plus a dollar donation to a fellow campus.

Let’s all show some SJVC team spirit in November!