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“Fred” is no stranger to Delano campus

June 27, 2017

SJVC Delano Fred Award WinnersFor many years, SJVC campuses have enjoyed acknowledging extraordinarily good works of staff, faculty and students with a Fred Award presentation. But, the Delano campus seems to be bubbling over with those who exemplify that standard, as at least one Fred certificate is awarded every week.

“The Fred Factor” is a book written by Mark Sanborn about his mail carrier Fred who provided above-and-beyond service to all he served. Fred was committed to making a difference in the lives of others and doing his absolute best every day.

Mr. Sanborn is now a sought-after speaker who motivates others to adopt Fred’s example of serving others and achieving their own self-satisfaction along the way. “The Fred Factor” is summarized by four principles that release fresh energy, enthusiasm and creativity in your career and life:

  1. Make a Difference
  2. Build Relationships
  3. Create Value
  4. Reinvent Yourself

The Delano campus is nurturing….and rewarding….a lot of Freds!

“It’s a pretty common occurrence on our campus,” says Carlota Reid, Academic Dean. “The criteria we use for nomination is to identify someone you feel has gone above and beyond what is expected, without expecting anything in return.”

Just last week, Medical Assistant student Rubi Ruiz was surprised when her classroom door burst open and Carlota Reid and a few staff cheerleaders came in to present a Fred Award to her. “We have all the bells and whistles,” says Carlota, “and we go in saying, ‘Yay, we have a Fred Award today!’” Everyone knows what is coming, and the excitement starts to build as the presenters take center stage.

The award recipient’s name is announced and the certificate presented. “Rubi Ruiz!”

“I’ve always been there for Emily,” says Rubi, who had no idea that Emily had nominated her for the award. “I help her with classwork assignments and when she doesn’t understand something, I explain it to her. But, I didn’t expect that.”

“I also call the person who nominated the award recipient to come up and tell about why they nominated this person,” says Carlota. “Sometimes they say they nominated the person because they were having a really hard time on this assignment and they (nominee) took the time to tutor me. Sometimes they cry.”

Emily Garcia, also a Medical Assistant student, was the person who nominated Rubi.

“The Dean talked to us about how we could nominate people that are helpful, and I’ve seen other people get the award,” says Emily. “I thought of Rubi immediately. I feel so happy because she was so happy.”

Emily wasn’t used to people being so helpful in class. “In high school, there was a lot of competition, and they didn’t want to help,” she says. “Here it’s way different. Here, they’re so nice.”

Being helpful comes naturally for Rubi. “Most of our Fred recipients have those characteristics that are just very natural to them,” says Carlota. “Oftentimes, they just feel like they didn’t do anything special.”

Rubi says that her mom, Margarita, taught her to be helpful. “My mom wants me to be an example to my brothers and sisters,” she says. “When they need help on their homework, I help them. My mom is very helpful, and I appreciate everything she has done for me.”

Postman Fred used to ask himself one question every night before he went to bed: “Did I waste any of the day I just finished?”

Many students on the Delano campus are making sure that the boost they give others makes their own days just a little more productive.

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