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Elementary School benefits from students’ effort

October 10, 2014

SJVC Rancho Cordova participates in Backpack DriveRancho Cordova students came through for Mills Elementary School with a Backpack Drive and Back-to-School Fair last month.

Working in conjunction with the Folsom Cordova Community Partnership and other volunteers the Partnership recruited, four SJVC Respiratory Therapy (RT) students led the charge on campus to collect school supplies and donations for backpacks. Students brought in lots of much-needed items, such as notebooks, markers and other supplies that would eventually fill 13 backpacks.

RT students taking a leadership role in this effort were: Matt Harbawi, Tiffany Yerxa, Amanda Oliver and Genovieve Ciobanasiu.

“This is the second year that the Rancho Cordova campus has volunteered time and donated school supplies,” says Amy Bianco, Dean of Student Services.

The combined School Fair and Backpack Drive provided over 177 packs filled with grade appropriate school supplies. “Many parents reported that the backpack would be the only ‘new’ item their children will have to start off the school year,” says Christopher Clark, Resource Development Manager for Folsom Cordova Community Partnership.

Many children at Mills Elementary School are enjoying important tools they need to do their schoolwork because a community pulled together.

“A giant ‘thank you!’ to all of our collaborating partners,” says Chris Clark. “Without your contributions, this event would not take place.”