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How to Dispose of Unused Medications

June 2, 2016

Do you have expired medication or leftover pills from a prescription? Ever wondered how to dispose of unused medication? We have a video for you!

Watch Hesperia Pharmacy Technology program instructor Ramirez walk you through the steps of properly throwing out medication.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here are instructor Ramirez’s tips:

First choice: You can take unused or expired medication to a Take-Back program, which Instructor Ramirez notes can be offered through a police department or fire department.

For household disposal, follow these steps:

  1. Mix drugs with undesirable substance (coffee grounds, kitty litter, used diaper)
  2. Put mixture in a disposable container
  3. Conceal or remove any personal information from your prescription bottle
  4. Toss container in the trash

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