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Delano celebrates new SJVC campus with a “beam signing”

June 11, 2015

SJVC Delano campus beam signingThe City of Delano officially welcomed SJVC’s newest Delano campus with a “beam signing” in May. More than 40 community leaders and SJVC representatives attended the hour-long ceremony, officiated by Delano Mayor Ruben Pascual, City Councilwoman and former Mayor, Grace Vallejo, and Chamber of Commerce representatives.

The large internal support beam was wrapped in white plastic and signed with wide-tip black sharpies by those gathered to celebrate the educational opportunities the new campus brings to their community. The high beam symbolizes the strong support that this rural community and SJVC plan to provide each other.

“This is a family-oriented community that would love for their kids to be able to own their own homes and raise their families right here,” says Steve Perry, Director of Real Estate Development for the College. “They know that the way to do that is through education.”

There was no college in Delano, and many of those interested in education beyond high school do not have transportation to drive to outlying cities such as Bakersfield or Visalia.

The new campus site is located just east of Fwy 99, at 1920 E. Cecil Ave. SJVC’s 10,000-square-foot building, currently under construction, is expected to be completed by August, just in time for a Fall student start date. The 200-student capacity campus will initially offer certificates in Medical Assisting, Medical Office Administration and Business Administration.

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