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Fresno Vet Tech program graduate Jon Marroquin

Veterinary Technology program grad dug deep to find his strength

by Nyla on June 22, 2017

Nobody thought Jon was going to make it. Not his family, not that voice in his head that told him he was just a troublemaker who couldn’t manage to finish his first year of community college. “I hit rock-bottom when I was 18-19 and was at a standstill,” he says. “Everyone looked at me like

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Fresno Vet Tech graduate Joshua Slusher holding lizard

Veterinary Technology program appeals to exotic animal lover

by Nyla on May 25, 2017

Joshua Slusher likes animals of all kinds, but it was his interest in exotic animals like snakes, lizards and birds that pushed him to make animal care his life’s work. That was going to mean a big life change. He started working in restaurants right out of high school, moved up to cook at a

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Fresno Vet Tech program graduate Jennifer Turner Oliveria

Vet Tech career is true passion for Navy veteran

by Nyla on May 11, 2017

With over 20 years of experience in the military, a Bachelor’s degree, management expertise and tons of knowledge in specialty fields, Jennifer Turner-Oliveria was shocked to discover her interest in a career that would take her in a completely opposite direction. Veterinary Technology was not on her radar when she retired from the Navy in

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Veterinary Tech program refuge from childhood abuse

by Nyla on December 19, 2013

Phaedra Ray’s young life was filled with all of the abuses you wish no child to endure. The three people – mother, father, older brother – who should have most protected her, were the primary perpetrators. With no place to hide, she lost herself in the soft fur of a cat, the loving wag of

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Congratulations to the Fresno VT program!

by SJVC on June 4, 2013

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Fresno Veterinary Technology (VT) faculty and staff, the VT program has received official accreditation status. This is a huge achievement for the campus and speaks volumes about SJVC’s commitment to offering quality educational opportunities to the local community. The recent provisional accreditation adds quite a bit

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