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SJVC Physician Assistant students honor veterans

Visalia campus celebrates military vets who become Physician Assistants

by Nyla on December 8, 2014

Veterans from WWII, Vietnam and Afghanistan-Iraq conflicts were present as SJVC’s Physician Assistant (PA) program presented “Honoring Veterans to Physician Assistant Celebration.” The event took place in the Visalia campus’ auditorium on Nov. 14th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and included lunch. Speakers included PA senior, John Hoang, who in his youth had been

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SJVC Visalia PA students took top prize at the Medical Challenge Bowl

SJVC Visalia’s PA Team Takes First Prize at CAPA Medical Challenge Bowl

by Nyla on November 19, 2014

Visalia’s Physician Assistant team took the top prize at this year’s California Academy of Physician Assistant (CAPA) Medical Challenge Bowl held during the October 10-12 conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Palm Springs. “It was a nail-biter,” enthuses Monica Urmson, Administrative Assistant to the PA Program and competition attendee. Physician Assistant programs from Stanford University,

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Physician Assistant program is a natural for this veteran

by Nyla on February 27, 2014

Steve Hauswirth enlisted in the Air Force when he was 21-years old and spent the next ten years advancing in levels of responsibility for medical units. His training, education and expertise grew with each assignment. Steve’s military assignments spanned medical technician and Independent Duty Medical Technician, to Jack-of-all-trades where he performed medical and dental exams,

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The U.S. Marine Corps clears a path for Physician Assistant student

by Nyla on February 24, 2014

Five and a half years in the Marine Corps, working as an F-18 jet mechanic, gave Mario Lemus the framework he needed to be a dedicated student. He brought disciplined study habits learned from many military courses, leadership from supervisory positions and the wisdom that comes from adapting to military life and personal circumstances and

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Visalia Campus honors veterans in the Physician Assistant Program

by SJVC on November 22, 2013

  In early November, a special Veteran’s Day ceremony was held at SJVC Visalia, honoring  U.S. military veterans who attended the school’s Physician Assistant Program. Notable attendees included Stewart Anderson, attending on behalf of California Assembly representative Connie Conway, and Bob Sachs, California Physician Assistant Board President. A considerable number of veterans are enrolled in

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PA Student Is First In Family To Complete College

by Nyla on January 17, 2013

Tabitha Lanning enjoys many meaningful family traditions with her grandparents, parents and three siblings – but a college degree was not one of them. She is happy to have pushed herself to be the first. Having earned her B.S. in Kinesiology at Humboldt University in 2007 and spent a few years working in a medical

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A Long Road To Success

by Nyla on December 7, 2012

It was five long years from the time Andrew (AJ) Bloom first decided to become a Physician Assistant until he actually enrolled in the Visalia campus’s PA program. It wasn’t procrastination that delayed that start date; it was his deliberate, methodical preparation to meet the program’s prerequisites. “In the beginning my goal seemed so far

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