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SJVC student Sonia Whipp meets First Lady Michelle Obama

Ex-military mom faced a new battle on the job front

by Nyla on December 4, 2014

One thing was very clear to Sonia Whipp when she left the Army 4-1/2 years ago. “All that time and dedication I put into small arms and artillery repair wasn’t going to help me as a civilian,” she says. Those skills, so important to her successful military experience, were not exactly resume highlights back home.

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SJVC student Sonia Whipp meets First Lady Michelle Obama

Pharmacy Tech student meets First Lady

by Nyla on October 20, 2014

No one could have been more surprised than Ontario campus Pharmacy Technology student Sonia Whipp when she learned she had been selected, along with four other female military veterans, to meet Michelle Obama, the nation’s First Lady. Redbook magazine and Business and Professional Women (BPW) worked together to identify five deserving female veterans to participate

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SJVC Temecula Pharmacy Tech student Lauren Enriquez

Pharmacy Tech student shares quest for better life

by Nyla on September 15, 2014

“This is the career I never knew I wanted,” says Pharmacy Technology student, Lauren Enriquez, who spent several years working at popular SoCal theme parks and, more recently, Starbucks. At twenty-three, Lauren was not happy where she was, but didn’t feel that the college experience would work very well for her either. “I did community

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Visalia campus helps to break Kids Day record

by Nyla on April 9, 2014

On March 5th SJVC staff, faculty and around 40 Medical Assisting, Medical Office and Pharmacy Technology students from the Visalia campus participated in Kids Day to help raise money for Central California Children’s Hospital. This annual event put over 5,000 volunteers on the streets of local towns to sell the Fresno Bee newspaper to motorists

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Veteran looks for new career after 12 years in Air Force

by SJVC on March 17, 2014

After seeing his grandfather serve, Matthew Goldman knew he wanted to join the military. An injury sustained in the service would change all that, resulting in him being discharged and having to find a new way of living. “The military was part of my life from a very young age,” says Matthew. His grandfather was

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Two little girls keep Pharmacy Tech student going

by Nyla on December 30, 2013

Every day Paula Askari wakes up, straightens her narrow shoulders and prepares for the arduous routine that will bring her one step closer to her dream of a job she loves and financial security. She looks at the two little girls who are the focal point of her efforts: 3-year old Layla and 1-year old

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A complete career switch was the right decision

by Nyla on November 18, 2013

Heather Howell was not certain she could handle the rigors of going back to school. Almost 20-years since she graduated from high school and lots of start-and-stop college credits, she wasn’t sure she could do the whole classroom, study, exam thing again. She was sure, however, that her job in security – as a “mall

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A Wonderful New Lease on Life

by SJVC on August 12, 2013

After being abandoned by a majority of her family and taking on the role of a single, teenage mother Shannon Campbell was at a low point. Since enrolling in the Pharmacy Technician (PT) program at SJVC Shannon has developed an appreciation and respect for herself like never before. Having her son Semajay at the young

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It’s Never Too Late

by SJVC on July 11, 2013

Shirlene Williams is defying all social boundaries. While many of her fellow senior citizen peers were turning their focus to retirement, Shirlene choose to return to school. After 28 years of working for the Department of Justice, Shirlene decided to pursue her interest in Pharmacy Technology (PT). She found her way to SJVC through an

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