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Online Career Services Team gets creative to overcome great distances

by SJVC on January 21, 2014

A degree is a great investment for the future, but it is only a single part of a multitude of things necessary to attain stable employment. Even with a stunning resume, an applicant must still impress with their interview. At each on-ground campus, SJVC students are able to meet and work with a Career Services

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Father of Nine Digs In

by Nyla on January 16, 2014

Although Steve Cichos had been a bricklayer in the construction business for over 20-years, he knew that with layoffs becoming more common, he would have to go deeper if he was going to stay in this business.  “There was less and less work and finances were getting less and less sufficient,” says Steve.  But he

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Online campus debuts graduation video

by Nyla on December 19, 2013

SJVC’s Online students are scattered across the nation and even dot other countries, so gowning up for a graduation ceremony at one of the California campuses is unlikely. However, the Online Division staff did not feel it was fair for their students to work so hard toward successful completion of their degree and certificate programs

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Online Student Advisor reaches out

by SJVC on December 17, 2013

Is a Student Advisor for an online program meant to be just a title, a distant and aloof figure that merely sends an email every few months? Well, Tekla Patton does not think so. As a student advisor for the SJVC Online Campus, Tekla is there for her students. When they have questions, she can

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Clinical Medical Assisting student makes big changes

by Nyla on December 5, 2013

Deana Bates started this year with two life-altering decisions: weight loss surgery and college. Her interest in helping others through a career in the medical field forced a realization. At 240-lbs. it was not practical for Deana to be “constantly moving around with patients,” performing the physical requirements of a position in healthcare. She also

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Medical Office Administration student achieves for her family

by Nyla on November 14, 2013

At 31-years old, Sy Om had waited too long to go to college to let a little thing like giving birth to her fifth child slow her down. Soon after the delivery of her son, Athan, she was eager to get home. “The day I got home from the hospital she (Theresa Paserb, instructor) was

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A long way from there…to here

by Nyla on October 28, 2013

Sandy Clute will be the first to tell you that not graduating high school until she was twenty-one was all on her. When she was a sophomore and not doing well with the academic constraints of the Akron, Ohio public school system, she opted to become an independent student enrolled in an online home-school program.

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No time for self-pity

by Nyla on October 17, 2013

Given the choice of rolling over or digging in when things get tough, Valerie Coe is going to grab a shovel. And it is that kind of tenacity that got her through some very difficult times over the last year. As a Nuclear Decontamination Technician, Valerie spent a lot of time on the road. It

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Far away voices find support

by Nyla on October 1, 2013

It would seem that the faceless nature of online classes would make it hard for students and instructors to connect. Where’s the eye contact, the facial and body expressions and the intimacy of sharing space? Who can feel heard from such distances, both geographic and physical? Online General Ed instructor, Emily Ware has figured it

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