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Online student advisor Summer Alvarez

Online Student Advisor understands the struggles of going back to school

by Nyla on April 19, 2016

Summer Alvarez knows what it is like to have to withdraw from college and put a future career at risk. She also knows how difficult it is to re-enter that world of academia – especially as a single parent. Many students pursuing a career in business, medical and technical fields have had to interrupt their

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Information Technology Concentrations

Information Technology program provides four concentrations, plus industry certifications prep for top jobs

by Nyla on November 4, 2015

For those who want to break into the Information Technology (IT) field, SJVC offers the whole package to position Online IT students for those top-notch positions. Four versatile concentrations allow students to specialize in their primary areas of interest: Web Development, Database Administration and Information Security, in addition to Networking and Telecommunications. “These four areas are the

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Human Resource Administration grad tackles college in her thirties

by Nyla on October 15, 2015

Ironda Robinson understands that you can start out with a solid plan to complete college, but that life can sometimes hijack those good intentions in ways you cannot fight. Ironda’s mother’s illness changed her priorities – and her college track. Ironda managed to get in a year of college before her mom, Annie, began to

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Online Business Administration graduate Sadiah Gavin

SJVC Business Administration grad brings special skills to Delano campus

by Nyla on September 10, 2015

Saidah Gavin has covered many desks at SJVC over nearly eight years. She started part time at the Bakersfield campus as a Tuition Planner, then moved to First Contact, Dean’s Assistant and whatever position needed a temporary fill-in. During this time, she also completed SJVC’s Business Administration program online. “I’ve done everything,” she laughs. “From the

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Medical Assisting graduate Rhonda Waters

Intuition drives business owner to Medical Assisting career

by Nyla on September 3, 2015

You know the feeling; that little voice that tells you, you should take a specific path, a step in a completely different direction from where you stand. Too often it is an easy message to stuff to the back of your mind, while you busy yourself with the trappings of a more familiar road. Change

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Online human resource administration graduate Martha Miller

Graduate from online Human Resource Administration program never imagined college for herself

by Nyla on June 4, 2015

Martha Miller was content for many years to be a stay-at-home mom for her two young boys. When Alexander and Matthew were finally old enough, she took a job managing a little market on the Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nev. Even that step out of the home was a little intimidating. “All I had

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Online human resource administration student Celia Gonzalez

Student in Online Human Resource Administration program hits a triple

by Nyla on June 1, 2015

Celia Gonzales finds herself in the rare situation of claiming three major bases of accomplishment: Graduate, from SJVC’s Human Resource Administration certificate program, student in the Online Human Resource Administration degree program, and SJVC employee at the College’s Call Center in Corona. This tri-fecta of success was hard won over several years of study and

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Medical Assistant instructor Josh Farquharson

An unexpected career as an SJVC instructor ignites passion in shy guy

by Nyla on December 23, 2014

Joshua Farquharson never aspired to be a teacher. Even though his mother, Usha, and his father, Manley, are retired educators, Josh never seriously considered going into the ‘family business.’ “I was very timid, as a kid,” says Josh. “I never thought I’d become a teacher; it didn’t match my character.” Instead, Josh was drawn toward

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Online spotlight on Connie Stowell

Online staffer gets maternal with medical students

by Nyla on November 11, 2014

As Clinical Requirements Coordinator for the Online division’s medical programs, Connie Stowell gets in touch with her maternal instincts. “I’m part mom and part cheerleader to get students to focus on giving me their documentation of immunization so that they can pass along to the next step,” she says of her process to fulfill an important

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