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Aviation: Where Crashing Your Toys is Helpful

by SJVC on August 29, 2011

It was a typical hot and sunny Fresno afternoon but unusual out-of-classroom training was happening between hangars with SJVC Aviation Technology program director Richard Simmons and Instructor Smith. As he bent over Aviation Maintenance student Raj Winder’s temporarily crashed model helicopter, Simmons said, “This is what flying [model aircraft] is all about.” “Fixing stuff,” agreed

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Aviation Campus in Fresno Celebrates 20 Years

by SJVC on August 19, 2011

In 1991 gas was $1.12 per gallon, the average monthly rent was $495 and air travel was peaking, as travelers clamored to enjoy the benefits of a price war among major airlines. Lots of jets were in the air and it seemed good timing for San Joaquin Valley College to introduce an Aviation Maintenance Technology

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Bakersfield SIFE ‘Adopts a Neighborhood’

by SJVC on August 18, 2011

SIFE volunteers volunteered their Saturday mornings to clean up graffiti, liter and illegal dumping in the Greenfield community area of Bakersfield.With an early commitment to community clean-up, the ten members of the SIFE team were looking for a constructive way to do so when Joseph Johnson, a business instructor on campus, was able to connect

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Have you heard about our newest Online society?

by SJVC on August 15, 2011

SJVC is now a proud participant and member of the National Technical honor Society!

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