Unplanned career falls into place

by Nyla on April 8, 2014

Virginia Harris did not plan to be a teacher. As a Cal State Long Beach student in the 1970s, she was on track to go to medical school. But college opened her eyes to more than career aspirations when she took up the mantle of activism. Education and career objectives took a backseat to the

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Veteran looks for new career after 12 years in Air Force

by SJVC on March 17, 2014

After seeing his grandfather serve, Matthew Goldman knew he wanted to join the military. An injury sustained in the service would change all that, resulting in him being discharged and having to find a new way of living. “The military was part of my life from a very young age,” says Matthew. His grandfather was

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Two little girls keep Pharmacy Tech student going

by Nyla on December 30, 2013

Every day Paula Askari wakes up, straightens her narrow shoulders and prepares for the arduous routine that will bring her one step closer to her dream of a job she loves and financial security. She looks at the two little girls who are the focal point of her efforts: 3-year old Layla and 1-year old

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Angels are hard at work on the Lancaster campus

by Nyla on December 5, 2013

December T-shirt sales will benefit students at the Lancaster campus in a very personal way. Their Christmas Angel Tree will glitter with little paper angels that many students-in-need hope will be chosen by someone willing to make their child’s holiday a little brighter. Each paper angel is a request for a small gift for a

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A complete career switch was the right decision

by Nyla on November 18, 2013

Heather Howell was not certain she could handle the rigors of going back to school. Almost 20-years since she graduated from high school and lots of start-and-stop college credits, she wasn’t sure she could do the whole classroom, study, exam thing again. She was sure, however, that her job in security – as a “mall

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The sweet smell of success

by Nyla on October 15, 2013

Their assignment was to create a business, develop a business plan and present it to “the bank” – in this case Campus Director, Joel Morgan, Academic Dean, Victoria Gutierrez and other staff – in order to get approval for a business loan. Sonia and Laura put their heads together and came up with “Panoramic Cupcakes”,

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The Horse Whisperer

by SJVC on September 10, 2013

Since the day she stepped foot onto Lancaster’s campus Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting (CAMA) student Josalynn Delorenzo began setting goals for herself. With a map of her future and her family encouraging her to graduate she works toward accomplishing the long list of goals she has set for herself. Josalynn has had a passion for

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No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

by SJVC on September 4, 2013

With a total of six children all under the age of six residing beneath one roof, bumps and bruises are bound to happen. Clinical Administrative Medical Assisting (CAMA) student Meghan Chinoski found this to be true when her 3 year old son broke his femur in the midst of harmless horseplay and had to be

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A Wonderful New Lease on Life

by SJVC on August 12, 2013

After being abandoned by a majority of her family and taking on the role of a single, teenage mother Shannon Campbell was at a low point. Since enrolling in the Pharmacy Technician (PT) program at SJVC Shannon has developed an appreciation and respect for herself like never before. Having her son Semajay at the young

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