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Online HR student Patricia Waite

Online HR program provides education boost for supervisor of 700+ employees

by Nyla on February 2, 2017

Education was the last thing on Patricia Waites’ mind when she came to the U.S. from Jamaica right out of high school. “I was just excited to go to work,” she says. “You want to work and have a family, so I was never able to enter college.” Patricia made her way up the ranks

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Human Resource Administration grad tackles college in her thirties

by Nyla on October 15, 2015

Ironda Robinson understands that you can start out with a solid plan to complete college, but that life can sometimes hijack those good intentions in ways you cannot fight. Ironda’s mother’s illness changed her priorities – and her college track. Ironda managed to get in a year of college before her mom, Annie, began to

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Online human resource administration graduate Martha Miller

Graduate from online Human Resource Administration program never imagined college for herself

by Nyla on June 4, 2015

Martha Miller was content for many years to be a stay-at-home mom for her two young boys. When Alexander and Matthew were finally old enough, she took a job managing a little market on the Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nev. Even that step out of the home was a little intimidating. “All I had

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Online human resource administration student Celia Gonzalez

Student in Online Human Resource Administration program hits a triple

by Nyla on June 1, 2015

Celia Gonzales finds herself in the rare situation of claiming three major bases of accomplishment: Graduate, from SJVC’s Human Resource Administration certificate program, student in the Online Human Resource Administration degree program, and SJVC employee at the College’s Call Center in Corona. This tri-fecta of success was hard won over several years of study and

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Business instructor David Morra

Business Administration instructor witnesses generations turning to education

by Nyla on May 5, 2015

As a 16-year veteran instructor at the Visalia campus, David Morra has had the rare chance to see a couple of generations of families embrace higher education. “Most of our students are first-time college students because their families have never been in higher education,” says Morra. He knows that many students are blazing a new

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A quiet voice grows strong

by Nyla on September 30, 2013

For the longest time, the only voice of encouragement Ashley Schwarz heard was that one deep inside her. “You’ve got to be better,” it said. Ashley lost each of her parents before she was ready to be on her own and, without siblings, her lone inner voice was the only one pushing her forward. Ashley

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Student Fashion Show entertains…and educates

by Nyla on September 25, 2013

About a dozen business student models used the catwalk to teach over a hundred Rancho Cucamonga students how to dress for that all-important job interview. “We deliberately included some What not to Wear examples to show students inappropriate interview attire,” says Chris Hooton, Career Services Manager. The 90-minute show is an annual event held this

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