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Where can Business Administration take me?

by Susie on October 10, 2018

Are you interested in enrolling in a business administration program, but aren’t sure what you can do with your new skills once you graduate? Business is an open-ended field, with so many possibilities for your career path that it can be confusing to know where you can start (or take a step up) in your career. Let’s

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Porterville student honors family of accountants with 4.0 in Business Administration program

by Nyla on March 19, 2018

Rachel Murphy recalls a moment when her 6-year-old daughter Aubrey asked, “Mom, you’re a grown-up, so what are you going to be? What career did you choose?” “Those questions were my father’s doing,” says Rachel, who at 26 years old still hadn’t yet landed on a career, and each passing year meant more distance between

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Business Leadership Seminar Visalia

Business Leadership Seminar helps students and graduates polish skills

by Nyla on October 5, 2017

More than two dozen students and graduates enjoyed a Business Leadership Seminar hosted recently by the Visalia campus. Business Administration program students from the Hanford and Delano campuses joined Visalia Business Administration students for a day of speaker presentations, breakout sessions and friendly competitions that polished their skills and increased their knowledge. “We wanted to

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Ontario Business Administration student Gurkeerat Sangha

Ontario Business Administration student has big plans post graduation

by Nyla on August 21, 2017

Even though Gurkeerat Sangha only recently hit his 19th birthday, he is a man with a clear plan. The way he sees it, once he graduates from the Business Administration program on the Ontario campus, he will take the first step up the career ladder toward a life in city planning and management. “I want

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Hanford Business Administration intructor Matthew Glasgow

Hanford Business Administration instructor helps students recognize their greatness

by Nyla on August 10, 2017

When Matthew Glasgow was 5 years old, his parents left him in charge of their pottery booth at a craft fair for just a few minutes. That was all it took for him to realize his career ambition. “I had the knowledge and enjoyed sharing it,” he says. “That feeling turned into teaching.” As a Business

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Group of business professionals

How to Get into Business: Tips for Starting a Business Career

by Nyla on July 20, 2017

But First, Why Get into Business? There are many good reasons why you should direct your career efforts toward the business world. A business career gets high points for occupation versatility in areas of Business Operations and Administration, Finance, Management, Human Resources and Sales/Marketing. And the money can be good. The average wages for many

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Graduate of business program

Is Business Right for Me?

by Susie on April 5, 2017

Are you considering a career in business, but unsure if business is a good fit for you? Many soon-to-be students have wondered the same thing. “Business” seems like such a broad field, and you may wonder what you’ll actually end up doing after you graduate from a business program. The good news: Business is a

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