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Business Administration program graduate climbs her career ladder with record speed

November 22, 2019

Business Administration program graduate climbs her career ladder with record speed - Anne RubioRight after completing SJVC’s Business Administration Associate degree program, Anne Rubio accepted the position of First Contact on the Temecula campus. Being the first to welcome visitors, students and potential students each day put her in the spotlight as the ‘face’ of the campus.

“Working as a receptionist here, I had a lot of interaction with students and checking them in with the right advisors,” says Anne. She was also the first voice impression potential students got when they called to explore education possibilities at the campus. “When I would get a call from prospective students seeking education, I wanted them to know that their call was important because we value their interest in our college. They are the reason why our college is continually growing.”

Much of her Business Administration program knowledge came into play every day. “Everything is a business if you think about it,” says Anne. “The accounting side, marketing, computer skills, economics will all have a place in whatever you choose. That knowledge can be applied in any aspect in life.” And it made her an effective respondent to all who sought her assistance.

After a couple of years her savvy attitude and well-honed skills made Anne a top pick for the Assistant Registrar’s position on campus. In that capacity she could be an even more effective part of a student-services team.

“I handle student records from attendance, schedules, grades, enrollments, to name a few, while assisting the Dean of Student Services, Academic Dean and Campus President,” says Anne. “I ensure that students complete all requirements, from completing externship hours to passing all required certificates to be eligible to graduate.”

Anne’s capabilities were evident for the Assistant position, and within just a couple of months she was made Registrar. “I was confident it was going to happen at some time, but I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly,” she says. The quick promotion has accelerated her learning curve. “Everyone here is willing to help me – even Registrars at other campuses. But I’m confident in what I’m doing and there’s no doubt in my heart that I will excel in this position.”

Undoubtedly, Anne’s Business Administration education and training set her up perfectly for this fast-track. She is first-person evidence to students on campus what they, too, might accomplish if they stay the course of the career they have imagined.

“Nothing is more motivating to our current students than to see one of the previous grads succeed,” says Robyn Whiles, Campus President. “Anne is an outstanding example of a BA student who used her education to find a new and exciting career.”

Identifying that career direction didn’t happen immediately for Anne. By the time she was in her early twenties, she was doing retail sales and dabbling in some broad coursework. “I took some Gen Ed classes after high school but put off college because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do,” she says.” When Anne enrolled in the Business Administration program at SJVC, she cut her retail sales hours back and got serious about the education that would support her career path.

Successful completion of the Business Administration program was the catalyst to her first position on campus, and she is still growing into her chosen field.

“She was a quick learner (as First Contact) who worked with professionalism and dedication,” says Whiles. “Her ability to learn, apply new skills and work independently has given her the opportunity to begin a career as the campus Registrar.”

Anne feels right at home at SJVC. “It was the culture. I saw how everyone here cared for their students. They don’t judge you in any way; they provide you with any tutoring you need.”

That connectedness transfers into employee teamwork, as well. “Seeing how employees treat each other; it’s a real family here and I really like that dynamic,” says Anne. “Once I got to know them, I knew I’d made a good decision.”

Anne is still part of the student-support team, but from a little distance. “I don’t have much student interaction face-to-face,” she says. “As the receptionist I saw everyone, knew everyone and had friendships with students. But I’m still here to support students in whatever they need.”

Her career bump from Assistant Registrar to Registrar may have been a little quick, but Anne is excited by the challenge. “Having a new role is awesome,” she enthuses. “I like a challenge and it keeps me on my toes.”

She can’t help but compare her current position with where she started. “In retail it’s different; it’s just work. Here we’re always working with one another, helping students succeed. One of the best parts is how we portray our family-oriented vibe. It’s important to work with people you like to be around. Every day is a blessing.”

Anne has a keen appreciation for all that has come her way. Her education, her job opportunities, the chance to work with people she respects and enjoys. She learned the value of those things from her mother, Angelica. She was Anne’s heroine and her inspiration.

“She grew up in a broken family, left with her grandmother,” Anne says of her mom. She had no money. She had two sets of clothes, one pair of socks and shoes, and was bullied in school. But she was very driven and knew what she wanted.”

Anne watched her mother closely and learned how to create any future you can imagine. “She went from being poor with no support to being manager at many different companies, including her current job,” she says. “She came from nothing and became really successful. She’s really done great for herself.”

That very personal lesson was not lost on Anne. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money or resources, if you work hard and push yourself, it’s possible. If she could do it, I can do it.”

Anne sums up her work ethic and philosophy with a sign in her office: Stay humble, hustle hard.

Anne is a testament to those words. Robyn Whiles puts it succinctly. “Anne is deserving of recognition in her quick rise within the organization. Her success should be motivational to all SJVC Business Administration grads. The sky is the limit!”

And Anne is motivated to lift higher and higher. “Seeing how I can go from retail to Registrar, that’s just amazing,” she says. “If I could do that, I could go much more. This is a stepping-stone to push myself harder up the career ladder.”

There are no doubters around Anne that she will do just that.

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