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Bakersfield SIFE ‘Adopts a Neighborhood’

August 18, 2011

SIFE volunteers volunteered their Saturday mornings to clean up graffiti, liter and illegal dumping in the Greenfield community area of Bakersfield.With an early commitment to community clean-up, the ten members of the SIFE team were looking for a constructive way to do so when Joseph Johnson, a business instructor on campus, was able to connect them with the event. The event was hosted by Greenfield Walking Group and included food, children’s activities and guest speaks as supplements to volunteer clean up. The students were able to help both with the planning of the event and the event itself.”Working with Bakersfield City Waste Management as well as community leaders, our SIFE team took part in the planning stages of the event,” said Johnson. Its first collaboration with this particular community event, the SIFE team “has committed to be an active partner in future events,” said Johnson.

If the positive feelings of altruism were not benefit enough, the SJVC SIFE team was even thanked for their service by the Bakersfield mayor himself.

“There were many parts of the day that could fit the description of ‘the best part of the day,'” said Johnson. “That being said, I would have to say when the mayor of Bakersfield stopped by our booth to praise the team and their efforts would be the best part. It served as a great reminder of the benefits of working in the community. I was very proud of the SIFE team and their commitment to better their community.”

Great job, Bakersfield SIFE!

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