Bakersfield Hosts October Board of Governors Meeting

by SJVC on November 2, 2011 · 9:34 pm

Several students, faculty and staff welcomed members of the Board of Governors at the Bakersfield campus this month for the Board of Governor’s meeting.  The students were thrilled at the opportunity and were able to lead tours of the campus after a time of mingling and talking with members of the board.

“When I enrolled, I never thought I would get to meet the owners of the school or the Board,” said Sadie Spring, a Therapeutic Massage student.  “It was a great experience I hope to be able to do again.”  Sadie was impressed with how eager all the board members were to speak with the students.   Sadie especially enjoyed speaking with Board member Nina Clancy and Nina’s enthusiasm in spending time with students.

Medical Assisting student and ASB president Ana Cisneros mentioned she didn’t know what the Board of Governors was at first and was really nervous to meet them.  However, she also said everyone she spoke with made her feel comfortable.  Ana was impressed how the members took the initiative to speak with every student and she felt a connection with Mike Perry because he was interested in her involvement with ASB.  “He thanked me for trying to make the school better for the students.  I really appreciated that,” Ana said.  In the end Ana enjoyed the experience very much and hoped she made a good impression on behalf of the school, ASB and the CAMA program.



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