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SJVC’s Criminal Justice: Corrections prepares graduates for a career in Corrections.

The program includes instruction in criminal law, evidence collection and preservation, report writing, institutional corrections and physical agility training. Many graduates initially find work in security and develop entry-level work experience while they pursue employment as a correctional officer.
Train for a career in criminal justice at SJVC.

Students Will Learn
Throughout SJVC’s Criminal Justice: Corrections program, students will learn:

  • • Arrest and control techniques
  • • Firearms use
  • • Weaponless defense tactics
  • • CPR
  • • First Aid

Program Outcomes
Graduates will earn an Associate of Science Degree. They also earn STC Certification with an added Baton Certification when they complete the Adult Corrections Officer Core Course. In addition, graduates earn PC 832 Laws of Arrest and Firearms Certification (POST), as well as Armed Security Guard Certification (BSIS) when successfully completing their PC 832 courses.

The Adult Corrections Officer Core Course (15-week STC Academy, CJ60-A) of the Criminal Justice: Corrections program is approved by Standards and Training for Corrections (Board of State and Community Corrections).

Criminal Justice: Corrections students can earn an Associate of Science Degree in as few as 14 months.

Upon completion of the Corrections program, many graduates first find work in Security, while some graduates go directly to work in Corrections.

Security and Loss Prevention Officers can expect to:

  • • Answer alarms and investigate disturbances
  • • Guard premises to prevent theft, violence, and breaking of laws and rules
  • • Monitor and authorize entry or exit of visitors, patrons or employees

Detention and Correctional Officers can expect to:

  • • Maintain security in buildings, towers and other areas of an adult correctional facility
  • • Intervene during emergencies or altercations within a correctional facility
  • • Escort/transport offenders

SJVC’s Criminal Justice: Corrections program is available at 7 of our California campuses:

Program Requirements
Admissions Requirements
Admission to the Criminal Justice: Corrections program requires:

  • • High school diploma or equivalent
  • • Passing score in Admissions assessment
  • • U.S. Citizenship
  • • No felony criminal convictions
  • • No misdemeanor convictions that would prohibit applicant from possessing a firearm
  • • No legal conditions that would prohibit applicant from possessing a firearm
  • • Valid California driver license
  • • Applicant must be in good health and physically fit
  • • Applicant must be age 18 by program start date

Enrollment in the Criminal Justice: Corrections program is subject to the approval of the CJC Program Director or their designee.

Applicants must have reliable plans for transportation, child care and time to devote to academic work outside of scheduled class hours.

If a degree in Criminal Justice: Corrections sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for, please complete SJVC’s Request Information form. An Admissions Advisor will contact you soon to discuss how you can reach your career goals with SJVC.
Download the Criminal Justice: Corrections brochure.

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