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Temecula Respiratory Therapy student Adam Moniz

Respiratory Therapy program is the perfect fit for military veteran

by Nyla Hallum on April 20, 2015

Everything about Adam Moniz’s 14 years in the Marine Corps was hands-on. His Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) as a combat instructor was demonstrating infantry weapons and tactics, demolition and rockets. “I’ve probably taught a couple of thousand foreign nationals how to do those jobs and 1,200 Marine Corps recruits right out of California boot camp,”

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Temecula Dental Assisting pinning ceremony

Dental Assisting Pinning Ceremony a first for the Temecula campus

by Nyla Hallum on April 1, 2015

A Pinning Ceremony was held on March 19th for the very first graduating class of Temecula’s new Dental Assisting program. Graduates and their families attended the hour-and-a-half long event that marked successful completion of the program. The awarded Dental Assisting students earned certificates, as well and their Dental Assisting pins. “The pin establishes their status as

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Medical Assisting student Felisha Stewart

Medical Assisting student would not quit program…even for cancer

by Nyla Hallum on March 23, 2015

After Felisha Stewart’s tests results in April 2014 indicated thyroid cancer, her oncology physicians were blunt about statistics reflecting that most women under 45 years old did not get past stage 2. At age 31, Felisha had stage 3 Papillary Carcinoma. For the next several months, Felisha had many more tests, biopsies, MRIs, PET scans,

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Students participating in Be the Match event at the Temecula campus

Business, Medical and Technical program students hear request for bone marrow donations

by Nyla Hallum on March 12, 2015

Every four minutes, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, about 12,000 Americans each year. SJVC’s Temecula campus wants to be part of helping those who might benefit from a bone marrow transplant. Dolores Ortiz, Community Engagement Representative for the Icla da Silva Foundation, a recruitment center for Be The

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Financial Aid Officer Grace Plascencia and husband Salvador

Financial Aid Officer’s background helps her connect to prospective students

by Nyla Hallum on December 2, 2014

Grace Plascencia grew up in a family of 10 girls and 3 boys. A teacher helped her get her first job at age 13, making $2.00/hour in her high school’s office. Her meager salary went into the family pot and contributed to the many expenses of a large family. “It was really tough; my parents

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SJVC Medical instructor Sandy Schiffner

Mid-life career jump just what the doctor ordered

by Nyla Hallum on November 25, 2014

Sandy Schiffner spent almost twenty years as a Medical Assistant in an internist’s office performing pretty much the same procedures each day. She was comfortable and she was appreciated; but, she was not stimulated to use all of her medical knowledge or to grow in her profession. “I was ready for a new venue, something

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Falling through the cracks is not an option for Medical Assisting instructor

by Nyla Hallum on October 28, 2014

Thirty years in the military have taught Medical Assisting instructor Richard Moriarity a few things about focus, discipline and respect: Three attributes his medical students sometimes scramble to achieve, while they struggle with the demands of their  programs. “I remind them of the decision they already made to be here,” says Moriarity. “There are a thousand

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