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SJVC Temecula Holiday Wreath Making

Temecula’s Connect Crew members strengthen skills through service

by Nyla Hallum on January 25, 2016

Suddenly, SJVC Temecula’s Connect Crew is the campus club everyone wants to join. Membership has shot to more than 24 since its recent student recruitment launch. Kevin Caldwell, High School Admissions Representative, and new Connect Crew Advisor, went to every classroom and talked to students about why they should get involved and how they could

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Temecula Diversity Club-Stand Speak Act

Diversity Club makes it clear: Bullies will not be tolerated!

by Nyla Hallum on December 2, 2015

Have you ever felt uncomfortable, watching someone try to fend off the unwanted and uninvited attentions of a person who is overstepping boundaries of respect and consideration? It is difficult and sometimes confusing to know what to do. Should you say something? Do you just wait and hope the moment passes? Temecula campus’s Diversity Club

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MA Sim Man Temecula

Medical Assisting students improve skills with SimMan

by Nyla Hallum on November 12, 2015

Temecula campus’ SimMan – an expensive teaching mannequin built to simulate human body functions, such as heartbeat and respiration – will now be shared between the Respiratory Therapy and Medical Assisting programs. “The Respiratory Therapy program on our campus uses the SimMan and other simulation mannequins to help assess patients and perform procedures on a

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Dental Assisting Seminar Temecula

Dental Assisting students get crucial tips for upcoming State exam

by Nyla Hallum on November 2, 2015

Dental Assisting students on the Temecula campus got some important ‘insider’ information that will help them do well on their upcoming Registered Dental Assisting state boards. Zena Delling from J and Z Dental Seminars spent two hours with Dental Assisting program students recently, and left them feeling a lot better about what they might expect

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Respiratory Therapy graduate Quinn McNichols

Respiratory Therapist graduate finds family support is vital

by Nyla Hallum on September 24, 2015

Maybe Quinn McNichols could have made it through his Respiratory Therapy program on his own. But he is glad he did not have to. His wife, Heather, was there for him every step of the way. “My wife is the hardest working and most determined person I have known in my life,” says Quinn. “I

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Temecula Dental Assistants All Pass State Exams

100% of Temecula’s First Dental Assisting Class Passed RDA Licensure Exams

by Nyla Hallum on September 21, 2015

SJVC Temecula‘s very first Dental Assisting graduating class set an important precedent for future Dental Assistant classes to follow: They recently passed all three State exams to become Registered Dental Assistants (RDAs). All seven grads, plus one graduate from the August graduating class, met the academic and practical requirements for licensure. “Our Dental Assistant students were

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Open wide – Dental Assistant students see Orthodontist in action

by Nyla Hallum on September 16, 2015

Dental Assisting students spend a lot of lab time working on each other to perfect their dental skills and techniques. But there is nothing quite like watching a dental professional work on real patients to open their minds to the intricacies of a thriving dental practice. Temecula’s Dental Assisting students got that chance recently when

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